Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Important Things I Have Learned in the Last Month

1. Stop complaining about my boobs.

They haven’t tried to kill me yet. A friend of mine from church has been battling breast cancer. She is winning and doing it with humor and grace.

2. Get in photos with my kids. 

A man at church lost his wife to leukemia. His four young kids lost their mother.

The day of the memorial I was in the shower thinking about what I was about to do and the woman we were honoring. I found myself thinking… oh, I hope they have some good photos of her for the memorial! Then I realized I was kicking myself. They whole time she was sick I was thinking of all of the things I could not do for Kelly and her family. I could not heal her, I could not make her well, I could not find a marrow donor for her, I could not make her body accept the donation, I could not could not could not. It makes you feel helpless, frustrated and small, all those can nots. I never really got to think of the things I could do because with all the could nots I just shut down and stopped thinking about it all together. (I hope as I mature and grow I will learn to push past that point of shutting down so I can be helpful. I imagine this is a characteristic those who are “good” in these kinds of situations possess or have learned through experience.)

The day of the memorial I realized something I could do but had not thought of. I could take photos of her, of her family together. I should have but I just did not think of it. The photos they had were wonderful, I am pretty sure that her smile could have shone through any old photo so no worries there but I wish I had thought to offer some family photos.

I realized something that day that sort of broke my heart. You see, her husband had put together this wonderful slide show of photos and videos of her. She was smiling with her kids and looking like an amazing, beautiful mom. She might not have thought her hair was just right, maybe she didn’t have mascara on, or maybe she just didn’t feel pretty those days, who knows. Maybe she just didn’t worry about those things because she knew better. I don’t know but I know she was in photos with her kids. I am rarely pictured in photos. I am either behind the camera so I am not in front of it or I am avoiding it because someone else has it. I would be almost invisible in a slide show of my family. If I died today my kids would have few photos to remember me by and this is a terrible fact.

My kids would not care about those things that make me uncomfortable. They love me as I am. So in honor of Kelly I am getting in photos with my family. I will no longer be visible only in the reflections of their eyes in the photos. I will be in front cheesing it up too, no mascara and all.

I did not think to offer family photos to Kelly’s family but if and when I have the opportunity to offer that to a family in this situation, I will.

Thank you Kelly.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dirty Money; The Musical

Please watch this a couple times so you can get the full effect. Note the Christmas pj bottoms, the chicken wing wiggle when he shakes his booty and the suggestion that we have a concert! Being three is awesome.


Such a boy. A fabulous, silly, ever entertaining boy.

Sorry for the bad joke at the end, it is my Sumner humor.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Spot The Melts My Heart. Even When I Want to Destroy Him.

We have been having our disagreements lately but we haven’t destroyed each other yet! See that little dimple on the right side of his smile? (your left) I love that little dimple. I hope that dimple never gets lost on his face or runs away. I might not see it much when he is a teenager so I might crawl in there and live in it for a while before then. Love. That. Dimple.


Throne Room!

So I have a “fixer upper” to say the least. Our home maintains much of the “vintage” stylings of a typical 1960 ranch home. This includes but is not limited to faux vinyl brick pattern flooring and knotty yellow pine paneling. Fortunately for my house, budget and husband I can overlook some of it in order to do renovations in the appropriate way. While it would be lovely to gut everything and fix it all at once it would only be accomplished by financing it and we are not paying interest. We are smarter than that. Now.

When you first tour a house you are considering buying it is inevitable you will look around and make a list of things that will surely be the “first thing to go!”. In reality, this never ever happens unless it is some sort of health or safety concern.

Enter my toilet. Or rather my OLD toilet.

I will say that the people who lived here before us, well, they painted the toilet. Huh? I hear ya. I said it. Painted the toilet.

No no, not the outside of it. That might make some, if greatly limited, sense. No. Someone got the brilliant idea to paint the inside of the toilet BOWL.

Idiots. Total nutters.

I have been living with this toilet for much longer than I would like to admit but it was neither a health nor a safety concern so much to my chagrin it was pushed back on the priority list. Again and again. And again again.

This past weekend I found a wonderful brand new, never been pooped in, peed in, or had it’s bowl’s interior painted with latex paint to distract but not cover stains - toilet. I went to this estate sale (which was a-ma-zing) looking for tile for my bathroom they had advertised. I came away with a new, more contemporary, super water saver toilet! With a button. I know, it is the little things, like button flushers and non interior latex paint coated bowls. Best of all, it was only 50 dollars. Well, it was 65 but I negotiated a little off.

My Christmas present from last year was supposed to be a new toilet so I didn’t have to use hydrochloric acid to clean my can anymore. It didn’t quite happen because I just couldn’t justify it when we needed to drywall exposed studs or fix a car or whatever. Soooo! Merry Christmas to me!! I love my new potty!

It even has one of those silent closing lids. And did I mention, no latex paint!

I think the next thing might be to tackle ripping down the knotty pine paneling and brightening up the house. I do so love demolition!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

My Princess, Her Frog


Okay, toad. Hoppy. Hoppy the toad.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Oh Baby.


I’ve Already Got Dat One!


My sweet husband was such a fun Dad this weekend. He nicely encouraged me to do Halloween this year and was able to convince me it wasn’t worth my anxiety. I don’t know why but this weekend was kind of nerve wrecking for me. I think it has a lot to do with my perfectionist expectations and time deadlines. Despite me and my nerves we had a fun time. The kids got a nice amount of candy. Not too much, not too little. They looked cute, had fun and managed not to get freaked out by the big kids.

(Also, the big kids… Did anyone else notice an abundance of scantily clad young “ladies” this year? like 14 and 15! Eeeeek!! Alex and I kept looking at each other and thinking “over my dead body” type thoughts.)

We went trick or treating with a huge group of friends from church. Very fun. Great neighborhood. 

Nate was very, very funny this year. He was very specific about what he did and did not want to get. If he already had one of what they were offering he would matter of factly tell them, “I already got dat.” and would make it obvious that the appropriate thing for them to do would be to lower their offerings and just let him choose one. Not 14, just one. One not already in his tool box. We wouldn’t want any repeats now would we? Funny kid! I started to explain trick or treat etiquette to him but really, it was very amusing.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Saturday!

I hope you are all out enjoying the fall weather, go find a festival or a pumpkin patch! This morning I am enjoying a few minutes of quiet. There is a goofy 80s movie on, I have a hot cup of tea, and 2/3 kids are with Daddy at the grocery store and the other is asleep so the house is quiet. Do you know what we are doing today? I don’t know either. We have no plans. It is great. So cheers! 018005Happy fall!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Number Three

076 I really can not believe this little man was born two months ago. I still feel like I should be debating the validity of my pregnant fears with my best friend via computer. “Nooo, you can’t be pregnant! Your boobs don’t hurt!” How many weeks did we do that while I peed on a stick urgently hoping it did NOT say pregnant?

Three was not in my plan. Three had never even really been something I had considered. It was always going to be two. I only have two arms after all. Three is completely out numbered. Last Thanksgiving I made Alex take me to the drugstore on the island we were staying on at the beach for yet another pregnancy test. It was the last one I was going to take. We were thankful for something else that day and I was wishing it wouldn’t be detrimental to have that glass of wine I had been planning on. This was crazy.

That was then. I am pretty sure gestation is nine months so you can get used to the idea of possessing and caring for a baby. The third was more shocking than the first in many ways.

296233348 373078

Now that we have him I am completely in love and it just seems so obvious that he should be here. How could we not have known that he was missing from our family? He is the perfect fit!

My Grandmother Joanne sent me this card after he was born and it explains perfectly…

One of the sweetest things about welcoming a new baby boy is learning how you fit together.. The way his sleepy weight fills your arms so perfectly and how that place where neck and shoulder meet suddenly seems made for him to snuggle his head into. But even more than that, it’s discovering just how beautifully he fits into your life – how there was always a place right in the heart of your family just waiting for this precious boy to come and fill it with so much love.

Pretty good for a card huh? Thanks Hallmark.

We just didn’t know yet that he was missing and now that he is here I can’t figure out how it ever could worked without Eli in our lives.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tickly Blankin

I was doing Eli’s laundry today so his main blanket was in the washing machine. Nate’s freshly washed blue “tickly blankin” was lying there and he was in no way concerned with it so I grabbed it and covered Eli up with it.

Do you see where this is going? Mind you, I have often found Eli tucked in with this same blanket on Nate’s own accord in times where he was seeking to comfort his sweet little baby brother.

I came in to check on him a little while later and found that the blanket had been removed. In its place tucked sweetly across Eli in the swing I found something else blue, Daddy’s boxer briefs from the sorted dirty laundry pile. Yes, my son tucked his little brother in with his daddy’s dirty draws.

A warning? I think so. hehe