Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Can She Blog?

How funny to see where I was a year ago almost to the day. I was pregnant and not keeping anything down. Look at that sweet baby Ella face and now Nate has a face! The last time I thought about blogging really. It was a class assignment. I really never got into a diary and isn't this sort of what that is? So I suppose I should give this another shot.

Wow, hard to come up with a topic isn't it? Right now I sit in the middle of my destroyed home typing instead of cleaning. Cristy, my middle name is Stepford! HAHA

My big project right now is getting the nursery at church fixed up. I am the coordinator for the nursery which makes me laugh. I am not coordinated. However I am rally excited because I have a parent who has bought about 800 dollars worth of play stuff for us. Were getting a sand table, a slide, a new train table, and a kitchen that puts most fancy shmancy (thats a word in my world spell check) houses to shame. To boot, it all matches! I'm also mounting a bunch of magna doodles to the walls which I am excited about. Now what really makes me excited is that were getting rid of all the annoying toys that are in there now. You know, the ones that they look at and toss behind them only for me to need to clean them up again. Thank you undisclosed mommy!

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