Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trader Joe's!

Can I just say how much I love Trader Joe's! I can not wait till my Trader Joe's in Chapel Hill is completed. We went to get stuff in Cary the other day and it is just a happy place. I can get my foofy stuff there so much cheaper. This means I can afford to cook like I like too. And the price of milk and juice alone is worth the trip to Cary. We had a lovely fresh lemon pepper pasta with chicken - scalopinied (I love pounding the mess out of meat), oyster & button mushrooms, asparagus and red peppers with a lemon butter wine sauce. We ate way too much but it was so good! So thank you Trader Joe's for allowing me to run with my inspirations! Now if they could just start making Trader Joe's Organic baby food!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Amazing Freedom?? Women Of Faith 2007

So I went to the Women of Faith Amazing Freedom Conference this weekend. Had a great time. I laughed, I cried, I ate chocolate. These women who speak, they have been through some junk! Real stuff. This weekend was Amazing Freedom. Now this sounds great but I went into it knowing this would be a hard topic for me. I wonder how much to even put out there now though. I guess I carry my junk around with me. Now I am not really talking about baggage stuff that I did not have any control over but things that were bad decisions on my part. What I dealt with this weekend was this. Why, if we have been forgiven by God and even the people we sinned against, do we have such trouble forgiving ourselves. In my case this is the hardest part. In the bible after Jesus gives forgiveness he says "Go in peace". I wonder if any of them had trouble with the peace part of it. Jesus deals with the sin part, the faith part, the forgiveness part but not so much the go in peace part.

Luke 7:36-50

So I guess I am a work in progress. I know I am forgiven so now I need to work on me. Anyone got a good story from the Bible for me that relates?

"Momsense" by Anita Renfroe

For those of you who have not yet seen this it is good. Anita Renfroe was one of the speakers at the Women of Faith conference I went to this weekend. She made me almost wet my pants. I love this! Thank you Anita!

Oh She told a joke too..

Do you know why Single women are so much skinnier than married women?
When single women get home they look in the fridge and go to bed,
when married women get home they look in the bed and go to the fridge!

No offense to the hubby of course. The place howled when she told that one.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tips for Being Married..

So I have two cousins that are getting married soon which made me think about what I have learned in my 6 1/2 years of marital bliss.

1. There is no such thing as marital bliss. There is marital peace time, marital "return to your corner of the ring" time, marital "are you kidding me" time, and marital "God thank you so much for rescuing me from me and matching me with him" time. The latter is the closest to bliss and they are the precious moments that you cling to during those other moments.

2. His family is not going to be the same as your family. Inevitably this will make for stories that will eventually be funnier than they originally were.

3. Don't expect much. Expect and demand turn into the same thing. Just appreciate it when it happens all by itself. This applies to everything from romance to laundry.

4. Say thank you.

5. Play together.

6. Don't even think about giving up. Instead, talk and pray.

7. Open the car door for each other on dates.

8. Go on dates.

9. Just go ahead and train yourself to check if the toilet seat is down. It just saves you from a few of those previously mentioned moments.

10. Talk.

The most important thing we are learning today is how to talk. This is harder than it sounds but I am convinced it is the second most important thing in a marriage. The first being pray. I look forward to adding to this list. I am very thankful for my husband and even all of his quirks! After all, he puts up with mine!

Anything to contribute? I am always looking to learn something!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Political Commitment / I Married an Illegal Alien

So it is getting to be that time. That time when I realize I still have no idea who the candidates are and what they stand for. I really don't. I know who is democrat and who is republican and what that generally means but other than that - not so much.

Now I could say who I think it would be awesome to see on the ballot next year but it is more of a fairy tale in my mind than anything that is backed up by voting history or where they say they stand. Can you tell who I am thinking of by the fairy tale part? I mean, I am a woman.

So this is my commitment to do some looking and checking, see how they stack up.

My issues right now of importance are all, of course, things that aren't in any way cut and dry. Makes it so much easier to decide right? Immigration and Health Care are two that affect my life more prevalently than some.

Why immigration? Well, my husband was, till we were married, an ILLEGAL alien - gasp, shock, horror! Yes folks. I, a Christian southern white girl of a decent educational background, married an illegal Mexican man. I will just let that resonate for a moment with some of you who did not know that....

So anyways, this issue of immigration hits home with me. It blows my mind some of the laws that people try to get passed. It blows my mind even farther when some of them are successful! It breaks my heart every time I look at my nieces and nephews and know that unless there is something that changes their hopes of going to college are slim to none. It saddens me to say I really do think the system we have in place right now is there to "keep them in their place". I am all for comprehensive immigration reform!

Sorry for this politically charged blog. This was brought on while I was sitting in my car feeding Nate his food. I watched as four young Hispanic guys scurried around the parking lot picking up trash in the rain. I wondered what their individual stories were and how much they were being paid to get trash in the rain.

Anyways. Vote guys. Register to Vote if your not. Whatever you think. Vote.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Some new pictures from a birthday party we went to. This dress is about 19 years old. It was my sister Lindsey's when she was Ella's age. I had a matching dress - I was 8. I think it is pretty cool that my mom saved a lot of this stuff for us when we got older. Maybe she can find that pic of me and Lindsey and scan it for me?? That would be funny to post! (Hey Look I posted it!) Now Nate looks like he is sizing up something in this picture. Not sure what that was. He looks suspicious. As I remember there was a fake parrot behind where he was looking. Anyways - Aloha

Sunday, October 21, 2007


A New Free Car - Some of you know we just received a new (1999) van from our church. Someone in the church donated it to the church and the church donated it to us. Now this was awesome! It has been wonderful for us and we now have our first vehicle with automatic locks and windows. To boot it has a fourth door. Life is so much easier with a fourth door!

This is just another way God has shown himself in our lives. We were in a position where we needed this car. It also allowed us to pay off a good bit of debt and prevented us from getting another car payment. So I am writing this to remind myself that he has once again provided for us financially. I worry a lot about money. Will it come, how to manage it, will it be enough. I need to stop worrying and be more faithful that we will have what we need. Not always what we want, but what we need.

Maybe next time I am obsessing over money I will look at this and be reminded of the countless times he has provided what we needed.

Zoning Out During Service......

I had one of those mornings at church today. You know the ones - where you can't for the life of you focus. I hate that. My mind wanders (much like my blog) sometimes and I just can not reign it in. I think I listened during most of the sermon - something I don't generally have a problem doing because I love my pastor. But then during the closing - when he ties it all together - I was thinking about all sorts of other stuff. I will have to get a recording of this Sunday. I hate when I do that.

In good news. Man was the nursery a hit this morning!! We had all new stuff in there - no recalled toys left! I actually had to kick the parents out with the kids because it was like 45 minutes after service ended. Thats awesome. Then we went outside to the playground and all the kids wined to go back in and play. Yay - you know you love your church if your there - just because - an hour after it is over.

"Little Chef!"

Ratatouille is at the cheapie theatre by me! Yahoo! I have an excuse to go see it again!! There isn't much funnier to a culinary freak than a movie about a rat in a kitchen cooking gourmet food.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Alternate Identity

In case you couldn't follow the last blog I did this is why... I am really Steve Martin in this video clip. My mommy told me so. (Hence the Muddled Title)

Introspective? or Just Another Side Effect of the Cream?

I guess I have been evaluating my life lately a little. Maybe it was part of the whole trip down the face cream isle haha. Maybe it is the fact that it has been almost ten, yes ten years since I graduated from high school (heaven forbid any of my church friends should read that - I'm the baby). In any case, I have been. You know, it is hard to sum up ten years to someone you haven't talked to in that long.

I love my life. You can't say that to someone who is going through a divorce or someone who hates being "stuck" in the place they are in. So what do you say? I honestly don't know how I didn't end up in a very bad place in life. It is certainly what I deserved but I guess the great thing about God is he doesn't always give you what you deserve. I recognize some of the consequences for my choices but I know they are nothing compared to what I deserve. (this blog wasn't supposed to go in this direction at all. How did I get here?) Grace. That is a profound concept for someone with my past.

So where was this going? Oh I remember. How we define ourselves. Has anyone ever asked you Who you are? Now this is a harder question than it may seem. Americans have a tendency to think this means WHAT are you. I am a wife, mother, student or an accountant, underwater basket weaver - whatever. This is why I have problems with the label I would mostly receive in the world - Stay at home Mom. What a label.

Now to me this evokes visions of someone else... She wears a cute little yoga type outfit, she just got done working out of course. She drives a van with a something socially significant written on her bumper. Her house is clean, always ready for her kid's friends to come for a play date. Even if she cant cook she has the money managed well enough that she can buy a mean curb side take out every now and then to make up for it.

This is not me. I have failed in everyone of these areas for a while now. Now this would be ok with me if I had a job? I put a question mark there because I am not sure if I mean that or if only part of me is telling me that. I mean at least I would be bringing money into the house right? I had a job for about 9 months last year. Alex and I tag teamed. We met in the parking lot after he got off. Swapped the baby and said have a good night. That was about all the interaction we had for a while. It wasn't worth the nine bucks an hour. When I started feeling really crappy with Nate - I quit. I had my Student label to fall back on though. I am not in classes right now. Here in lies my problem. Not so much a problem really, not compared to many but still I feel like this is something a lot of women can relate to. we define our selves by what we DO and we aren't sure yet who we Are. So again I come around to who am I?

Friday, October 19, 2007

Oil Of Olay Club - My Overwhelming Trip Down the Face Cream / Anti Wrinkle Isle

I joined a new club recently. Can anyone guess? No? The Oil of Olay Club. Yes ladies I have transitioned. I no longer belong to the "anti-acne wash" club or the "normal" face wash club. I am now a full grown ANTI-Wrinkle club lady! (insert your own theme music here). I made my way through the Target the other day (minus my preschooler) only to find myself standing right in front of the face magic isle. Now ladies, I have never been here before. I had passed this place but never truly comprehended the MAGNITUDE of the face cream industry. I am 27 and this is mostly in an effort to be proactive against them but still. I stood dumbfounded for a few minutes until Nate impatiently reminded me I was not moving the cart. After what seemed like an eternity of trying to weed my way through the different brews, I was fortunate as not all of them had SPF- my requirement, I found one. Not $8,907.00, seemed to have things in it I had heard of and SPF.

Then I looked up and down the racks and down the isle I realized something. I don't have enough money for all this stuff!! GOOD GRIEF we spend a lot on lookin good for our men folk- or really lets be honest, for the other women folk! 23 bucks for 2 ounces. I wasn't at Dillards. This was Target(pronounced tar-je when your standing in this isle).

So I would like to propose a toast ladies. Raise your glasses of prune juice with me! Cheers to wrinkles, may we earn everyone of them, may we learn from them, and may they be laugh lines!

My Babies

OK so it is pictures like this that make me realize how blessed I am.

Father Daughter fishing team! They even matched- Unintentionally.

This is Ella's fish. She caught it, she loved it. She set it free.

Nate Nate Man!
Look How much he has grown since I last posted his Picture!
He has all his organs fully developed now!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Can She Blog?

How funny to see where I was a year ago almost to the day. I was pregnant and not keeping anything down. Look at that sweet baby Ella face and now Nate has a face! The last time I thought about blogging really. It was a class assignment. I really never got into a diary and isn't this sort of what that is? So I suppose I should give this another shot.

Wow, hard to come up with a topic isn't it? Right now I sit in the middle of my destroyed home typing instead of cleaning. Cristy, my middle name is Stepford! HAHA

My big project right now is getting the nursery at church fixed up. I am the coordinator for the nursery which makes me laugh. I am not coordinated. However I am rally excited because I have a parent who has bought about 800 dollars worth of play stuff for us. Were getting a sand table, a slide, a new train table, and a kitchen that puts most fancy shmancy (thats a word in my world spell check) houses to shame. To boot, it all matches! I'm also mounting a bunch of magna doodles to the walls which I am excited about. Now what really makes me excited is that were getting rid of all the annoying toys that are in there now. You know, the ones that they look at and toss behind them only for me to need to clean them up again. Thank you undisclosed mommy!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tell Me About It Girl - A Muddled Mom Blog

I am amazed at the amount of mom blogs out there. I know why we all do it. As a stay at home mom to two I know how hard it is to connect to adults out there. There are those days where I wait with my face pressed against the window anticipating my husband getting home so I can talk to someone over 3.5 feet tall.

So mommies I hope you enjoy! Take a look to the right at the label cloud and feel free to jump around. I love comments so have at it! Tell me I am not alone! Tell me you know all about it - or at least laugh at me as I muddle through.