Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sunset Beach - NC's Best Kiddie Pool

We discovered a great beach for small children today while out adventuring. I highly recommend it for anyone with small children who like the ocean but not the waves. Sunset Beach, one of the Brunswick Islands on NC southern tip, is a small residential island. I love that because it was all families and older couples. Nice and slow. Perfect for little ones.

We discovered a nice sized tide pool at the northern end of the island - near the 39th street beach access for anyone looking. The tide pool was about 2.5 feet deep at high tide. It was the perfect depth for "swimming" without waves toppling over the four year old's head. Just on the other side of this 30x20ft shallow was the ocean with all the waves you could ask for for older siblings. You could tell this was a favorite place for parents of preschoolers as there was no shortage of munchkins for Ella to play with but not so many that I felt I had stumbled into a Gymboree class instead of onto a peaceful beach.

(Ella swimming on the right with a beach buddy)
(Notice the waves breaking behind her - not on her)

I would recommend bringing a small fish net to try to catch some of the little fish that hang out there. Yes, lots of little fish swimming through your toes. Very fun for the little ones, a little weird for me until I got accustomed to it. The kids were quite enthralled and busily scooping and building "natural habitats" for the fish they managed to catch. A good science lesson!

You could also easily take the Southport Ferry (Ella loves the ferry) to the NC aquarium at Ft. Fisher (Free under 5) for a great day trip. You know - if lounging on the beach all day isn't your thing.

Sorry - not many pictures this time. Too busy hanging out. Cheers!

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