Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Babies Are Growing Up!! Sorting Through Baby Items

I had one of those sobering (read: reduced to tears) mommy nights the other day. My babies are growing up and getting older. I have been needing to go through Nate's clothes to donate the ones we will not save and store the ones we want to keep. I hate doing this. I have no problems getting rid of things, when I get around to it. I am not a tidy person. This means that while in my laundry room I have a much more keen resemblance to


Than This
Apparently hubby doesn't appreciate my choice in physical activities (Climbing Mt. Laundryest) because he went on a cleaning rampage the other night. This involved bringing large volumes of laundry to me. Whoopee. I did need to go through them though.

There I sat surrounded by tiny baby clothes. Remembering. Reminiscing. He didn't get why I was crying. Men. You know ladies. Most likely even if you have no baby clothes lying around you have some dress you wore on the first date with Mr. Right or the Sweater in which you finally realized he was Mr. Wrong. Whatever, clothes can bring this all back.

Tiny little baby clothes are sentimental to me. My mom saved clothes from when I was a baby for me to pass on to my kiddos. I have also saved clothes from Ella and now a few from Nate. I have found though that I am not as sentimental about Nate's baby boy clothes as Ella's. Girl's clothes are just cuter I guess. Maybe it is second child syndrome - you know, where you used to obsess about the pacifier hitting the floor with #1, #2 just sucks the fuzz off lol - or fill in your own second child shortcoming.

As I sifted through the tiny apparel I cried. Alex looked at me lovingly (but still like I had spontaneously sprouted a long scaly green tail) as I pressed the sweet little blue hedgehog outfit I brought you home in to my nose and inhaled. He promptly said "Umm, It doesn't smell. Its clean." Yes dear. Thank you. I realized I would probably never smell that sweet baby smell from my own children again. (Not the sour fermenting spit up smell, the post tubby sweet smell)

Notice I said PROBABLY. I don't want to say never because God has a sense of humor and I don't want to be stricken pregnant.

So I let go of a stage in my life, the 0-12 months age. So sweet. So innocent. So immobile. So completely, indescribably, simultaneously wonderful and utterly horrific.

My son will be 12 months old tomorrow. Thats 1 year old in normal adult language. One year ago today I was without you in my world Nate.

I Really Can Not Believe It Has Been A Year.
Happy Birthday Baby!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My 100th Post! Not So Muddled After All?

I know that 100 Blog Posts is a milestone many have hit but for me this is a big thing! I have only been actively blogging since October 2007, about 90 days ago, so I am happy to already have hit 100. Most of them are even logical and some of them are moderately amusing!

I am a girl who has numerous dairies from though out my 20 something years with a whopping 5 entries. I have never sent out Christmas cards though I have bought packs and packs and I am sure that Miss Manners would have a hay day with me for my apparent inability to send a simple thank you note. So I am toot tooting my own horn today. That calls for some cute baby pictures right? I think so!

I just felt it would be appropriate to end my 100th post with a picture of my son discovering that his chubby little pointer finger fits nicely inside his nostril. He also discovered it fits equally well in the opposite nostril as well as both his ears. They do fit rather nicely.

Monday, January 28, 2008

"Hey, Teacher!"

I had the opportunity to assist in Ella's preschool class today, something I had not done before. I was a little afraid. Me, 12 preschoolers, my 1 year old and fortunately one capable teacher. I am no teacher. I love kids but completely respect the men and women who would not only put up with other people's children but try to educate and civilize them at the same time! As I was getting ready this morning I made sure my breath was extra fresh because in case you didn't know, a three year old will tell you if you smell. I opted not to wear my denim jumper and wooden bead ABC necklace. Maybe next week.

I can gladly say I survived and even enjoyed it. I learned a couple new songs, deciphered this one thing Ella had been trying to explain to me and made some new small friends.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mom Interrupted

During the lather of the lather and rinse cycle of my shower this morning I had one of those moments. There I was, enjoying the lovely smells of peppermint invigorating my day whisking me off to some solitary snow covered peak (peppermint does that) when I heard it. My bathroom door opened.
Uggghh Noooooo! Ignore it. Concentrate Aprille - peppermint!
Me - internally whining - like Ella when I take away candy she was trying to sneak.
"Yes dear?"
"Can you build me a new paper airplane?"
Yesterday I made her a paper airplane.
With as little sarcasm as motherly possible "Umm, honey. Can't Daddy build you a new plane?"... no response. "Is daddy in the shower?" Something I know to be impossible because the other shower if full of crown molding patiently waiting to be refinished.
"No" pause "Okay"
"Ella can you please close the door?"
nope. shes gone and all the outside noise is now in my bathroom. again.
I am left thinking - isn't Daddy the logical choice seeing as he made the good ones and he is sitting there with the paper not 3 feet away?

Okay, now where was I? The moment is gone.

For those of you wondering why I don't simply LOCK the door.. when you have a preschooler who can't possibly hold it long enough for you to finish a shower you just have to risk it. There is no door locking. Especially if the other bathroom is part of the construction zone.

This brings me to the thought that followed when I got to smearing on the conditioner... Hubby has been asking me to design my dream bathroom for a while now. Maybe this bathroom could consist of 8 inch thick concrete walls, impervious not only to hurricane force winds but also to preschoolers, dogs, husbands, and infants. Perhaps a retinal scan outside to admit only those really allowed in Mommy's bathroom.

Hum, must froogle retinal scanners....

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Going On a Spending Fast

Look up "Shopping Fast" on the internet and you will be bombarded with ways to spend your money faster. Buy faster, spend more, don't think - just consume! When I googled "Spending Fast" I wasn't looking for tips to blow through my money faster. I was looking for people who were taking a break from the American pass time, shopping.

In these tight times I am having trouble making the money coming in offset the money going out. I have the particularly daunting responsibility of setting the budget (laugh) in our house. While we do not spend grotesque amounts of money overall, the percentage of our money going frivolously out the window are much higher than I would like.

I first heard of the idea of a spending fast from a church friend a couple years ago. In an effort to save money, establish a baseline, and reign in thoughtless spending she and her husband agreed that enough was enough. They cut spending back not only banishing goodies like Starbucks but also cutting out things some consider necessities. It was not enough to just stop consuming Starbucks but even the foofy and high end things at the grocery store as well. No more Chai!

My quest to cut spending started a long time ago. We have been cutting back on things slowly. While these changes have made small impacts they have not been enough. Note to hubby: there are more changes to come babe!

The moratorium will include among other things:
  • Buying random things because they are "On Sale" or "On Clearance"
  • Chocolate Meringue Cookies
  • Movies
  • Eating Out
  • The Trip to Dubai to stay at the Burj Al Arab
  • Ella's Gymnastics Class
  • Ella's Preschool
  • The Cell phones (I wish cutting this out wouldn't feel like cutting off my arm. It would)

Charleston South Carolina - Chaz Yall

Today I am remembering warmer days. Actually, they were the quite sweaty days of Charleston South Carolina in August. I miss Charleston.

Overlooking the harbor
Checking for More Friendly Dolphins

My Pick in Real Estate Low Country Style

A Moment In the Shade

Battery Park

Swinging After Playing in the Public Fountains

I miss you Charleston

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Aprille, The Crazy Cat Lady

My plan failed. I was never supposed to be married. Too risky. Instead I would be the Cat Lady who lived at the end of Elm Street. It was decided. I would be as eccentric as possible. As single as possible as well.

A long flowing green and gold gown, possibly of a tattered taffeta. Scraggly obviously dyed red hair worn long and unkempt. Entirely too much rouge (all good eccentrics wear rouge not blush), thinly pursed red lips, and eerily long fingernails. Large gaudy mismatched jewelry, as much as my body could hold. A large Victorian Mansion, long overdue for more than just a new coat of paint and a hedge trimming. You know, trees sprouting from the gutters and wild rose bushes, windows blocked by years of dirt and dust. Always cats prowling around.

I would step out only to call my kitties. I would have 14. Thats a nice number. They would all be called snowball but none would be white. That way I could stand on my porch holding several and only have to screech "Snoowball" for all my pretties to come running.

Basically I would be a regular Miss Havisham out of Great Expectations minus all the creepy meddling.

This was the plan. I was never going to get married. I decided around my junior year of high school I would be a greater service to my community by serving in the role of "The Scary Cat Lady". I mean, every community needs a token cat lady right? If not where would the children dare each other to go on Halloween night? I am still not sure where my plan failed. I think it was soon after this cute Hispanic guy smoothly asked me when I was going to take him out to dinner. This was right after I decided NEVER EVER to date anyone I worked with again. We met at work of course.

Oh well. Best laid plans right?.

Our Wedding Day - April 30, 2001

We married about 8 months after we met
I did not wear a green ball gown
but my hair was dyed red
Despite the lack of grotesque amounts of jewelry hanging from my neck I can say I actually prefer hubby's company to all those felines.

p.s. you can reference background info on me for an explanation if you can't guess

Finding Balance

Did you know there are apparently some things I can not control?? If you already knew this and did not tell me - SHAME on you. I am trying to find a balance between stressing about things too much and not focusing on them enough.

the house, my kids, my sanity, appointments, bills, a budget, planning for all the rest of that in the future

The most frequent stressor sending me running to the ibuprofen bottle for comfort (I'm just happy its that bottle!)? A foe I know all too well. As soon as I figure out how to manage it - it gets a leg up on me. Yes, the budget. The incoming and the outgoing green are quite different. You know.

I stumbled on a blog for multi tasking moms - a "how to do it all" from what it looked like. The funny part was the blog is taking a temporary hiatus! Does everyone see the irony here? Turns out even those who think they have it together enough to help others get it together, cant figure it out either. At least I know I am not alone right ladies!

Here is where you faithful readers can help me out. Know of any resources or tools to help me get it together? It applies to just about anything. What helps you at least attempt to prioritize and organize life? Add a comment bellow!

Check It Out:
Crown Financial Ministries at

Monday, January 21, 2008

In Awe of the Life Events and Mistakes It Took

It is more often than I would like that I recall the events that bring me to where I am today. I would like to say that the events that plague me are all things I was simply a victim of, not having made any choices to determine the outcomes myself. I would like to say this but the truth is all the events that pop into my mind at all the wrong times are of my own doing. I am sure everyone has these moments. I am equally assured that we all feel our crimes are worse than that of the average person riding next to us on the subway or sitting next to us in church. If they only knew...

This said, it is these things, these choices that brought me to this point. These things I chose, either knowing full well the consequences and driving on full force despite the outcome (Stubborn me? no) or skipping wide eyed ahead all too unaware of the open manhole I was about to fall into, these things made me who I am. Despite these things, and because of them I am me. I am here in this place in my life.

I have been honest with those closest to me about these things. Some, not all but many, even my lowest points. Sometimes it has brought me closer to them, sometimes that honesty in the form of a confession, though right and necessary, has driven a wedge between me and them. I have always shared these things hoping the listener would be somehow empowered to avoid these mistakes themselves. I have always thought that divulging my stupidity might save someone else from making the same mistake. I hope so. I try to be forthcoming and transparent.

I really can not believe that I am here after all that I have done (in such a short amount of time I might add!) I really have a wonderful life that I truly am not deserving of.

It blows my mind to think that all those things can be maneuvered around, even used for good.



Thank You Rev Martin Luther King Jr.

As I was laying in my bed last night I wondered what would have been accomplished in the world if Dr. King had not been killed that day. What an amazing man and an amazing calling.

Link Education:
* The text of King's "I Have a Dream Speech"
* A recoding of the speech "I Have a Dream". It is hard to listen, really listen, and not cry for what these words mean.
* King's Letter From A Birmingham Jail. If you have never read it this is a great opportunity.

I wonder if he would have been allowed to finish his work, if people's reactions to my Hispanic husband might be just a little different. I wonder if our "Immigration Issues" would feel a little less like masked "Mexican Issues" to me sometimes.

My thanks to not only Dr. King but also to the countless people who fought and paid the greatest sacrifice for me and my children. They fought so that I was free to love my husband of a different color skin and I am free if I chose, to cast my vote for a black president. Thank you for all your sacrifices. It made a world of difference to me.
"Let us. all hope that the dark clouds of racial prejudice will soon pass away and the deep fog of misunderstanding will be lifted from our fear-drenched communities, and in some not too distant tomorrow the radiant stars of love and brotherhood will shine over our great nation with all their scintillating beauty."
- Rev Martin Luther King Jr. from Letter from a Birmingham Jail.

p.s. Thank you Mom for raising me the way you did. You didn't teach me that all people are equal, you demonstrated it in the way you lived. This is more influential than any speech.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Blog Geared Toward the Grandparents

WARNING: this post is one of those overwhelmingly my-child-is-adorable-and-amazing - ones.

Ella had her first recital today. I can proudly say she had fun. I don't even think I saw any of the parents being overtly psychotic about making their children perform. (Dance Dance says the show Mom!!)

We signed her up for this class over the summer and she loved it. I love it too because it runs her out. Half an hour of preschool gymnastics and half an hour of tap dance and ballet. Needless to say, it is amusing to see all these preschoolers try to perform two full length routines for a crowd of parents with cameras. Haha - yea thats gonna happen with a bunch of 3 year olds.

Due to the snow we are currently receiving, the grandparents were not able to make it so this is for you Grammy Tina, Papa Joe, Gran & of course Poppie. A veritable buffet of cuteness in pink spandex!

Mid Air Bounce on the Air Track

Toe Dips on the Beam
Notice the Concentration Tongue

Forward Roll on the Beam

Her 1st Medal

I spared you from posting ALL the videos I took.
They were pretty funny .
Here are a few capturing the fun.

Free time in the Gym..
Dip Steps, Monkey Jumps and Fun on the Bars


The Tap Finale..


Ella demonstrates the technique used to remember how to hold your hands.
Hugging a teddy bear.


Finally, receiving her bling.
It could not have been cooler if it had been bedazzled!


Friday, January 18, 2008

Dear President Bush.. A Low Class (I Assume) Mother's Response to the Economic Stimulus Plan

Dear Mr. Bush, Dearly Elected Officials, & You Appointed Ones Too,

In light of the announcement today that you will be sending money my way I would like to say super. Thank you. Great.

I am guessing that the approximately $250.00 like I received last time will do little to impact my situation long term but it is a lovely sentiment. This will not pay my heating bill balance, it will not pay the University I owe for the tuition I thought would be covered by my Pell Grant, it will not pay the credit card off I have been using to FINANCE GROCERIES. However, I understand it is not all about me and my needs. It is about the greater good.

Keeping the greater good in mind I will do my part Mr. President! I will shop. This seems to be the answer to a growing debt problem in the US. We need to stimulate the economy. Give them money, they will shop! This fleeting feeling of euphoria in the form of a pretty colored US treasury check will fix our flailing economy. Let the serotonin flow ladies and gentlemen! That new flat panel television mounted to my wall will remedy the reoccurring red in my bank account. I will shop! A new diamond ring will banish the abundant lint in my husband's wallet. I will shop! New toys for the kids will at least hide the mounting piles of threatening letters. I will shop!

So ladies and gentlemen don't forget to do your part as an American when that check comes! Shop shop shop! Thank you Mr. Bush for the check to come. Maybe I should go ahead and spend it now! Maybe that promise of money sure to come is good enough to go out on tonight!

Thank you Mr. Bush. This check is indeed a fix to the real problems. It will make the pump fill the tank more before my pinched 25.00 dollars blazes past my eyes on the ticker. It will make it affordable for me to go see the doctor, get that surgery and finally get my eyes checked after years of genuinely needing it done but only having money to take my children to the doctor when absolutely necessary. Maybe even, maybe eventually, I can afford to go back to school and finally get that degree so I can help support my family and not feel like a failure.

Do not worry Mr. Bush. I will hold up my part of this deal, I solemnly swear(Hand over purse) to do absolutely no long term good by consuming more and more useless crap.

Thank you Mr. Bush for your initiative. I am always happy to be stimulated!

Your Happy Consumer

President Bush, please make sure to send my love to whomever will be funding my check. I am sure we will add them to the list of countries or international banks we will be forever indebted to. I know the feeling.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

How to Go To a Movie Alone: A Guide for the Stay At Home Mom or Dad

Stay at Home Moms (or Dads), we have been there. Frazzled, attempting to refocus what few brain cells you have left to pull something worth eating together for dinner. You dig through the freezer looking at ice chip encrusted bags as a preschooler impatiently pulls at your child-mess covered shirt demanding you read that book the 400th time today. You talk to yourself, (we are being honest here) “Self, remember when you used to be able to think a complete thought? Remember when you used to be able to go to the bathroom alone?” You know, without narrating the whole experience to the toddler you hope and pray will complete the important step into potty training any day now if you just explain the process one more time. Yes, I hear you. You need a night out - some time alone to recover and regenerate!

Could a mom really be so audacious as to request a night alone? Bear with me. Contrary to the voices in your head, this does not make you a bad parent. Their right arm won’t really fall off if you leave for a little while, the kid's or the Daddy's. I know this is a progressive idea. A movie ALONE (gasp)! There are desperately needed regenerative benefits! Here are some tips from The Muddled for making it happen!

How to See a Movie Alone:

A Guide for Stay at Home Mom or Dad

1. Heads up. If the tables were turned you wouldn't want to be blindsided so give Daddy a heads up. This can be a same day cell phone call. The level of "Drama King" yours tends to exhibit will determine how far in advance you want to give him heads up and how syrupy the call needs to sound. (Daddy can be substituted for a trusted friend or babysitter.)

2. Plan ahead. Scope out a great movie, preferably something hubby wouldn't care to see. If he knows your going to a "chick flick" he isn't going to want to go with you thats for sure. If you will have the strength left at the end of the day for a late movie more power to you, I suggest an early show so you don't end up using your $8.00 for catching up on precious lost sleep. Bring a book or magazine you have wanted to crack open.

3. Prep Daddy. When he gets home give him the rundown but do not insult his intelligence. This will annoy him and make it less likely this will ever happen again. He is not an idiot. It doesn't really matter if the top of the pjs match the bottoms so you can leave out these OCD details. You can feel free to prep dinner for them to make his life easier. This is not necessary. Again - not an idiot. Express your confidence in him and don’t make this a huge deal.

4. Distract Kids. This is key! Build enough time into the escape for holdups. Never assume you will have a clean getaway. Distract the kids and make a break for it when you can. If this means putting your shoes on outside so they don't suspect anything, so be it. If they discover the plot and scream like you are simultaneously pulling off their toenails and ripping out their heart remember, it will subside. Just get out of the house and let the grown up take care of it. Toes and heart really are intact and this will help you not want to keep them in the Naughty Corner all day tomorrow.

5. Get Going. The hardest part is over. Go Go Go! Good music is key for loosening up (no Doodlebops or Hanna Montana cds). Feel free to call mommy friends and gloat at this point. Send them a link to Musings of the Muddled later. Tonight is about you.

6. What Now? If you built in enough time before the movie you have a choice: what to do ahead of time? You are not allowed to run errands. No. Need a suggestion? Your favorite bookstore, preferably one with overpriced calorie laden coffee mocha goodness. Treat yourself. Go sit down and sip it like you did before you had to chug everything to avoid wearing it for fear of flying balls or stuffed animals. Avoid the Children's section or parenting books as if they were poopy diapers. Pick up a beautiful photography book. These tend to involve less brain activity and lend themselves to pleasantly drowning out the last 13 hours of child frivolity.

7. Getting There Get to the movie ahead of time, approximately 10-15 minutes depending on the popularity. You don't want to be late or too early.

8. The Ticket When buying your ticket proudly proclaim "One Please!" with a smile on your face. The pimply faced kid behind the glass will surely be wondering why you have that weird look plastered across your face. They will understand all too well in about 15-20 years. Revel in this moment. You are probably not seeing an animated movie or something that has more explosions than really necessary for the plot. Yay.

9. Viewing Prep Go to the bathroom. No one is there to tell you what Helga said right before Hans kissed her. Get a few tissues. If needed, stock up on chocolate. I find this a better use of calories than popcorn but this is a personal preference.

10. The Seat Chose your seat based on where you want to sit. The back is reserved for face suckers. I suggest something either in the middle of the row or on the sides of the theatre.

11. Alone Now is when it becomes a little strange your first time. You sit down alone. ALONE (dun dun duuunnn). Looser? It depends. If you sit there muttering into your purse and flicking at the unknown shmutz on your shoulder, yes! You will look like a freak. If you just hang out reveling in what you accomplished, alone time, you can proudly smile knowing you are doing what you want! If you need, read that book or magazine you brought. When the movie starts sit back and enjoy. Cry when you want, laugh when you feel like it! Oh the freedom. For 121 minutes you can zone out, engrossed in cinematic bliss with no one to contend with but yourself.

Now you know how to do it. You just need to make it happen! Good luck and let me know how it goes! I wish you happy viewing and many more empowered adventures to come!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Pasta with Mediterranean Vegetables and Balsamic Sauce - Vegetarian Recipe

An easy and mouthwatering recipe - easily adapted to fit any taste. Absorbs leftovers from your fridge and won't put any back!

Pasta with Mediterranean Vegetables and Balsamic Sauce Recipe - Vegetarian Version
An easy and mouthwatering recipe - easily adapted to fit any taste. Easily absorbs leftovers and won't put any back!

My measurements are approximate and my cooking is never the same twice. Feel free to send questions and feel free to experiment! Have fun. I have included some variations at the bottom including reuse of leftovers!

Serves 4-6

1 lb fresh pasta of choice
12 oz cremini mushrooms
8 oz cherry tomatoes
1 red pepper
8 oz marinated artichoke hearts
1 cup kalamata olives
1-12 tbsp garlic depending on taste
fresh ground pepper to taste
1 tbsp italian seasoning
2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
2 tbsp white wine (that you would drink)
feta cheese

Cooking Directions:

boil pasta in salted water according to directions

add sliced creminis to saute pan with olive oil, pepper and garlic. cook over high heat approx 3 minutes till softened. Add chopped red peppers, tomatoes and italian seasoning. Cook till tomatoes start to brown and pop giving off their juices. yum! Add balsamic vinegar and white wine to de-glaze pan. turn heat to med low. Throw in olives and artichoke heart to warm through. Serve over pasta, top with feta cheese.

Next Time I Will Try A Variation: Definitely needs something green!
Saute with chicken or shrimp.
Serve topped with Grilled Salmon.
Serve over polenta instead of pasta
Add other fresh vegetables: spinach, asparagus, carrots, green beans.
Add fresh basil or pesto instead of the dried herbs!
Substitute roasted garlic for fresh
Substitute feta with goat cheese or parmesan.

So Many delicious options!

My Baby Isn't Crawling

My baby is 11 months old and he still isn't crawling! Yep. That was me till a little while ago. I was a little concerned we would get to the first birthday and my baby would still not be crawling. I can proudly say he finally took off a few hours ago. He finally learned to crawl!

He has been much more interested in trying to walk and learning to pull up than crawling. But he did it. He was actually chasing after a balloon (yes - supervised). It worked great because as soon as he would reach out and get it, it would bounce away from him. After a good workout he passed out! Good job little guy! Mommy is proud of you!

Stranger Danger and a Southern Girl

I have recently become aware that I am doing my child a disservice. My 3 1/2 year old is quite friendly and will talk with just about anyone. Yikes Amber Alert!

I, being a polite southern girl, am like this. I don't usually strike up conversations with strangers but if I am stuck in a situation and it's a good alternative to pulling out my hair, I will make contact with human civilization - known or unknown. If someone is casually (not in a creepy way) looking at me or my kid I am more likely to say "Hello" in a I-see-you-looking-at-me kind of way rather than ignore them or shoot them a look. This said this is probably not a good example for my kiddos. I need to tap into my Yankee blood a little, I think it has thawed out but it is still there.

I need to start being more aware of this so I can be a good example. I also probably need to have a "Stranger Danger" conversation with Ella. I want to teach my child how to be safe when it comes to strangers. Just one of the many interesting talks to come.

Any tips on how to bring this home to a 3 1/2 year old without a. giving her nightmares, b. her missing the point completely, or c. creating an obnoxious "ahhh! mommy stranger" reaction every time she sees someone we don't know?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I Am Psycho Woman, Watch Me Cry!

I have come up with a more interesting and positive way of announcing to hubby that for a few days, he isn't getting any. Yes, those lovely days where my hormones, husband and children transform me into a growling, crying, blotchy, chocolate devouring mommy monster. In order to break it to him I have begun using something good to hear in our house, the words every husband loves to hear, well maybe not all husbands but at least mine. Those wonderful words "Honey, I'm not pregnant!". He still laughs joyfully every time. Yippe! Not pregnant, just PMS!

I chose to use this spin not only as a reminder that he has not yet revisited the Snip Snip (Vasectomy) conversation I am so dying to hear "Yes Dear I would love to!" in response to. It also is a gentle reminder that I don't really want him to touch me except for a supportive hug when it is safe and it would be just super if he would go buy me some chocolate.

I am guessing you are familiar with this in your own way. Truth be told I am not quite so Roseanne as was just described. At least I hope not. A man can only be so supportive before he just heads for the hills with his fishing pole for a few days. Hum... Not a bad idea. Now if he would just drop the kiddos off at Gran & Poppies house... Hum. Must consider this.. hehe

Needless to say, I need a break from my crew. I love them but I am missing the days where I could go to Barnes and Noble, sip an overpriced Starbucks venti coffee mocha something-or-other and just sit as long as I wanted looking at big expensive photography books or travel guides. You know, without quieting an infant or chasing and threatening a preschooler. The days before I wasn't able to be still and quiet without hallucinating about hearing my kids crying (do you do this too?).

Also here is a thought ... Why do they say "sleep like a baby" like this is something you would want to do? The theys that come up with this garbage must be idiots. I want to sleep like a teenager again.

Okay, I feel a little better. Going to go savor some decadent chocolate peppermint cookies and try not to yell at anyone before bed. Rawr! Ahh, good man. I hear the sounds of a supportive husband making dinner. I love him! (right now)