Monday, June 30, 2008

"I Want My Mommy!"

Isn't it funny how no matter how old you get, sometimes you just want your mommy? I am sure not everyone on this planet feels this way but I was blessed with a great mom and today she is rescuing me. Well, actually she and my dad are. Mom is at work.

After last week of sadness and drama with Ella over Daddy's absence and a screaming teething Nate I decided this would be a great time to run off to mom's house for a little distraction. I plan on kicking Ella outside to play with her big aunt Grace in the water and running Nate out!

Yay distraction and yay Mommy! I hope Nate and Ella always know that they can run back home for mommy when they get big - you know - granted they don't stay permanently!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Letter to My Son's Teeth: An Infant Teething

Dear Nate's Molars,

Teething sucks. I hate you.

Well, okay not really but you have really made me quite furious this week. I understand the whole gotta break through sometimes thing and I know it isn't really your fault that your all blunt and flat and not pointy like those other teeth that came in faster and with less drama but did you really have to all come in at once? Maybe you thought you were doing me a favor by getting it all over in one fell swoop but you were wrong.

I don't even know which ones of you to blame because he sure isn't letting me in there to see. The jaws of life couldn't pry that kids mouth open to let me see in there let alone apply any sort of numbing medicine to alleviate the pain.

You know those two nights where you made Nate so stinking angry because he didn't know why his whole face hurt and why he couldn't eat? (his favorite pass time besides chasing his sister by the way.) You know those two nights where he woke up every twenty minutes or so because he felt like he was going to choke from all the extra slobber you were causing him to produce? He wouldn't listen when I told him to just drool like mommy does. You know those two nights where he had to sleep in my bed with me so that he would have someone to take it out on when the medicine wasn't quite cutting it? Well those nights in case you didn't know, I didn't have back up. I was the only one to kick and yell at. And as sweet as those few minutes were when he stopped swinging and snuggled me they didn't quite counter balance the not sleeping part. Much worse than not sleeping, I could not make him feel better. So no. You were not doing me a favor and a little bit of my heart broke every time he woke up crying "Maaama!" which really meant "Make it stop hurting please!"

I know it is what you do but please hurry up and stop. The kid is stressed out and over this whole liquid diet thing. I would also like to not take the heat for this any longer. Daddy is gone and I am quite tired of getting dirty looks for my inability to control your actions.

I will thank you for one thing though. You made it much easier for him to make the transition from baby with a binky always tethered to him to to a baby without any such device. The whole suction thing is apparently not soothing while you are exploding your way to the surface. From the way he pitched it at my head I am guessing the baby sock filled with ice chips as a teether was not a big hit either.

In closing, teeth hurry up and do your thing and be as merciful to my little man as possible. I can't take much more of that look and the black circles under Ella's eyes from the lack of uninterrupted sleep are making her look like someone punched her in the face! Also, please tell your friends the two-year-molars that they can wait till their time is due at which point they should be as gentle as possible.

Thank you,
A Tired Mommy

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh Daddy Bear

We are half way through week 3 of daddy being gone for work in Wilmington. Really I don't know how single moms or military moms do it. I was very intentional about not marrying military because I knew I couldn't hack it. I am not that hard core let me tell you.

Tonight while telling daddy good night o the phone Ella, our 4 year old, asked "Daddy are you still at work? You work all the time. I don't want you to sleep at work! I want you to sleep in Daddy's bed" All the while I am trying to get the phone back so as to save him a little of the guilt trip she is feeding him. Oh my. I got the phone back just as she went into COMPLETE meltdown. Bad night. It is 9:58 and I still hear her banging around in her room two hours later.

We snuggled. We prayed for Daddy and Ella. We distracted. We talked about dreaming about doing fun things with Daddy. Not buying it. I even dressed up her biggest bear in daddy's undershirt and boxers (smallest shorts hes got ok) and sprayed it with his cologne. I had her in the bed with Daddy Bear. I was out of the door and thought I was in the clear when I heard "This Daddy is smaaaaalll. Daddy is Biiiiiiig! I want Myyyy Daddy!!"

This all worked better when she was littler last year and she wasn't so prone to hang onto things with such persistence. She is daddy's girl after all. I guess it would be of no help to tell him because there isn't anything he can do at this point. She knows he will be home in three days. Hopefully both of us will make it!

And hey if she doesn't like Daddy Bear I might just have to steal him back. He was my bear I got when I was a little older than her. He got me through many a sad night and he is smelling better than ever!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Welcome Sunrise

A note to those visiting from Sunrise.... Welcome and beware.

When Rod asked if I would mind if he included a link to my blog in an email to the entire church I was, well terrified. Then when I saw that the other two church blogs featured were Prophecy Update and A Nail in His Place I was quickly reassured that I was indeed out of my league. =) I was terrified at the thought of everyone knowing all of the not so flattering details of my life that I so blatantly reveal sometimes. Oh, the horror. While I am posting these thoughts on the world wide how many of my readers do I see on a weekly basis in CHURCH! This is like letting you all in on my dirty little secret. So before you move any farther with expectations of grandeur here it is guys... I am not perfect. gasp. I am one of those other church people, you know, the sinner kind. I know. I had you all fooled didn't I?

Then I remembered that you are all Sunrisers as well. There is a reason you ended up at Sunrise and have kept coming back. Chances are you and I are not so much different looking at the big picture. You might not be up to your elbows in preschool, you may be more educated, you may have moved past the quarter life crisis but I am guessing you were looking for more than your average church. You were looking for something more real. Something more honest and raw. Somewhere you felt like you could use those critical thinking skills. I was, well that and a place where the music rocked. Thank you Sunrise.

So why blog? I am not one of the wise. I don't know that I have any great message to share with the world. I started this as a way to connect with other people who may be struggling with the same issues as myself. Sometimes these struggles are as simple as being so sick and tired of stepping on that same obnoxious toy in the middle of the night that I could have sworn I put in the donate box. (It is following me I know it). Other times it might be something like how frustrated I am that I do not know where my life is going and how I can impact the world on a greater level while still maintaining both sanity and the sphere in which I find myself right now.

Feel free to click around at the topics on the right. Beware these are my own opinions and this is my blog so that's the great part. You may not agree with them but maybe I can provide a different perspective. We need to have other's perspectives in order to understand our own place in the world. We need to understand the stories behind the people in order to interact on a deeper level with the people. We need to get out of our own all consuming needs in order to meet the needs of the world. This is just my story. I am honest, as honest as I can be with myself right now. Part of the process is pushing that limit between pleasant and clean and real and honest. Honest isn't always clean is it?

I love comments so feel free to share your opinion with me!

Also, MAN are my kids cute (I said honest not objective). If you need a cute kid fix click baby, click.

Mommy Can We?

"Mommy, can we play Candlyland?" (for those of you from the deepest part of the Amazonian jungles or another planet planet this is your quintessential preschool board game.)

I am typing away at the computer, smoke bellowing from my ears as my brain works overtime trying to perform budgeting acrobatics making this pay for that and still have money left over for that new Dolce and Gabbana bag I was dreaming about. (Sarcasm. Pause for hilarious laughter from how absolutely absurd this is. OK pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. ((Do they even make bags? I wouldn't know. Maybe diaper bags?))

"Ok well how about when Nate goes to sleep we will play Candyland? How does that sound?"

She pauses to think.

"Umm, Mommy. Nate is very sleepy."

This kid is funny I tell you.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Foul Mood. Sad Day.

I am trying not to be in a foul mood but it is hard today. You know that feeling when you have been trying to keep your head a float and you just keep getting a mouthful of saltwater? I am tasting the saltwater today let me tell you.

The house. Oh my house. I love it, I do. And the kids. Oh I love them, I do. They just don't make a good combination. My house looks like an atomic crap bomb is scheduled to go off every five minutes spreading plastic kid plates, colorful blocks no one actually played with, dog hair, pee pee diapers, and clothes used to play dress up for approximately 2.2 seconds before they were strewn on the floor for something fancier.

Making matters worse I am listening to large machines take out all of the noise barrier in the yard that butts up to my neighbor's yard. I think my neighbor and I are both very depressed right now. I saw him sitting on his back porch looking mournful for his property value. We have a pretty big road traveled by pretty big trucks not too far behind us. Ughhh. I am so sad. The guys ripping out the trees didn't know if anything was being built there or not. They were just sold the timber. Uggggggg. I SPEAK FOR THE TREES!! Sold the timber. Sold the timber!!

I am off to go stress clean. Is it Friday yet? Please! I want my husband to come home. Now. I am sad.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Vintage Mommy...

Updated Info! See two separate ***** below!!!

Vintage Bailey

Vintage Laurie Ann

This is the bassinet my mother slept in as a baby. She was born in 1959 but her sisters also slept in this white wicker bassinet so we estimate it is from around 1948 if it was purchased new. My grandmother is not very sentimental but she did save this so it is very special to all of us. My mother drug this from country to county on military moves along with other heirlooms.

*****My mom first discovered this bassinet in the attic of her childhood home when she was 8. Saved only because she moved it around in an effort to make room for a Barbie play area. When she was getting married and moving out she rediscovered it in the nook she had hidden it before. She made her mother promise to hold onto it for just a little longer. I was born shortly after.

All three of my mother's daughters slept here just like all three of her mother's daughters. My daughter and son laid within arms reach in this small bed as well.

When I was born my aunt, one of the same aunts who slept here as a baby, made my mother a set of linens for the bassinet and embroidered my name and birth date on the quilt she had sewn.

These are the very same handles my daughter peeked through at her brother. The same ones I peeked through at my sister and my aunts at their sister.

I remember staring down at Gabriella in bewilderment wondering if my mother and grandmother had also been so awestruck. Ella and Nate both slept very well in this bed. Well, as well as a baby sleeps that is.

Vintage Aprille Christine

This is my Polly Flinders Dress. It is so sweet and little. My mom loves this dress from when I was a little baby as do I. I love the sweet smocking and the tiny heart buttons. If Ella has a girl she will get this dress one day.

Update: Upon having a conversation with my mom today about this post she told me that the Polly Flinders dress was given to me by my Uncle Brian (info for you cousins) and his wife when I was born. I wore it at my first birthday party where I ate my favorite meal spaghetti followed by chocolate cake! Now look at that dress and note the love and care it must have taken to remove those stains ladies!

Thank you Mommy. You really are amazing - our stains and all.

My tiny baby booties from my tiny baby feet.

I Feel Like the Lorax...

Last night I laid in my bed listening to the sound of trees falling and bull dozers clearing. This morning I awoke to the same sound. I hate that sound. The cracking splintering sound of progress. It makes me sad. I think of the Lorax "who speaks for the trees".

I guess they are clearing the lot behind my next door neighbor's house. I cant actually see and I don't think I will as the trees on both of our lots look like they will be enough to keep it looking pretty thick. I guess they are building a house. We will see.

Unless. One of my favorite movies. Thank you Dr. Seuss.

Monday, June 16, 2008


OK in honor of American Mum's honesty today I am going to be a little honest too. Ughh.

I posted THIS post back in October. It was a few months after I had to tell a close friend something I had tried to forget. Hard. I had tried to pretend this terrible mistake I had made never occurred and it was in the past. In all honesty I am a very different person then than I am now.

My first year of college which went very well and I was making good decisions for the most part. I was not able to return to culinary school because I could not get enough financial aid to cover the 25,000 tuition even though I was paying for school on my own. So I was angry and I gave up.

I gave up the fight to keep up with my values. I gave up the fight to be a better person. I gave up myself really. I didn't know who I really was at that point - who does at 20? So I gave up and I decided to just "have fun". I did things I am not proud of by any means. I didn't really care I guess. I suppose I did care but at least I was doing things my way and not trying to make everyone else happy and get their approval. That was what I told myself. I didn't even have my own approval.

I made bad decision after bad decision and lets just say I was not exactly picky with the company I kept or the "relationships" I had. This led me into a cycle that just spun me down and down. The thing is, you cant escape what you know is true and you cant escape yourself. You also cant escape God. He just follows you EVERYWHERE!

Then I met my husband and my life started looking up. I got married, decided maybe I should give that church thing another go and had 2 kids. Funny how motivating kids can be to get yourself back together and be the person you know you want to be but you have been fighting. I was able to put a lot behind me.

Then I had to be honest. Part of growing up is being honest. I had to admit something to my best friend that I had told no one. I could keep it to myself and I would still have my best friend now. She would have been none the wiser and I am about 98% sure she would have never found out. We would have been able to stand by each other in hard times, our kids would still be playing together and I would still have a friend so close we finished each other's sentences and had an all access pass to whatever. But I had to be honest. I, unfortunately, owed her that.

She says she doesn't hate me or wish me any ill will but we don't talk. I don't regret telling her because she did need to know. It was information she needed to ensure her emotional and physical wellbeing but I wish it was something I never had to utter. I hope one day I will have my friend back but I would understand if it never happened. We have talked once in the last 10 months or so. She called me with a prayer request for her friend. I was very happy I could still pray for her. I also emailed her last week with a prayer request for my friend.

I miss that friendship. It makes me mad at the person that I was and who I let myself become. I am still learning about myself and figuring out why I was the way I was. It is so strange to me to think about that time in my life because I feel so far removed from it now only 7 years down the road. I don't recognize her anymore and it is easy to be hard on myself because I have forgotten a lot of what I was feeling then that led me to the decisions that I made. It is hardest to forgive ourselves sometimes. I have much more trouble with that than forgiving others I think.

I can not imagine not having told her. I know that something good will come out of it but I am sad that I might just have to let go of the idea of us being friends again. We have each other's high school time capsules we are supposed to exchange July 4th, 2018. I jokingly made her promise not to burn mine when we parted ways and she said she wouldn't. I believe her but we had talked about exchanging those capsules somewhere in Europe. I still hope that will happen. Her oldest daughter will be 15 and mine 14. Just old enough to look at everything in those boxes and laugh about what losers their moms were. I had imagined our girls doing that together. We have 10 years still.

Ever had to decide to admit something no one would have ever found out about just because it was the right thing to do?

I am a new person now. I am so glad.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Down & Dirty of DIY

The week before Alex left for work in Wilmington he started a remodel project on our house. By he really I mean they. He and four guys worked A LOT on remodeling our bedroom and bathroom.

Basically what happened was they turned what was Ella's room into a master, reversed two closets, built a walk-in closet, completely gutted our bathroom, reconfigured the bathroom, framed it out, put up new drywall and put most of it back together. The result will be wonderful and I am very happy. We are living in that ugly in between time right now.

In between means lots of buckets of tools...

More tools...

And a backyard that looks more like what happens after a tornado. Actually, if you look closely you will see nice piles/mountains of debris organized into 1. Drywall 2. Old wood paneling 3. Trim moulding

This is what paneling looks like when it ISN'T on MY WALLS!

This is what will be my new vanity area. I will show you the afters later. Right now it just has the old counter top cut down and put into place. See that sink? Yea, thats not connected. No sink in the bathroom right now. See that mirror? I thought it was a nice touch but thats not permanent either. Like my new light fixtures though? We are putting in a skylight tube over the vanity for some natural light. Yea, I like that idea too.

This is to the left of the above picture. In the back is the toilet. Separate and a little more private. Then there is the shower. We have recessed lighting in there as well. I am also working on a custom cabinet for that area. It is in my head. I need to draw it out so we can build it.

Ok see the hole on the left? That is the doorway to the bathroom. See the collection of tools on the right? Those are in my new walk in closet. Behind that wall in the middle is where the vanity is going to be. Is this helping?

In other DIY news... This is the new picture window over my kitchen sink. If I had bought it new I would have needed to do it special order. Not cheap. I found this window brand spanking new, double paned energy star window for 40.00 at the Habitat for Humanity Home Store/ReStore in Pittsboro, NC. It had been there 2 months so I got it for 26.00. Umm yea. Good deal.

This is my new faucet. On my new sink. I love my new faucet. It has a pull down sprayer built in. Happy girl.

Want to hear the cool part? Remember this post about the blow in insulation? Well adding the blow in insulation in our attic and replacing the windows in the house saved us (drumroll please...) 45% on our heating costs this past winter! We dropped down from about $780 for the winter to a little over 400 for our heating gas bill this year. We recouped about 80% of the money we spent replacing those windows (all but 1 from the Home Store) and adding that insulation in one winter. Talk about motivating. We may have an outdated 1960 brick ranch but we are turning it into something I am very proud of. And we are doing it ourselves. I am getting a working bathroom sink this weekend. I love my man.

Friday, June 13, 2008


UPDATE: At approximately 12:37pm this afternoon as I was pouring Ella a glass of milk she looked at me and said "Mommy. I love you. God gave us a good mommy." I kid you not. I love this girl. I think I will keep her around.

There are many things in this world I would describe as stupid. My dog included. She just isn't smart sometimes. When I am especially mad at her I have been known to snarl the words "Stupid D O G!" under my breath. Can you tell whats coming here moms?

While I used to have quite the mouth on me years ago (in my professional kitchen days where it is apparently a job requirement) I have toned it down to an occasional choice "Stupid" and a very rare slip of "Damn."

The other day I was doing battle with Ella about laying down for a nap, peace I will NOT concede even at four years old. Her head spins 360 degrees and green pea soup spews out if she does not get her nap. So we were battling and I had just physically put her in the bed yet again after she got up, yet again. I closed the door after which I heard a very pointed and clear "STUPID!"

I took a second to confirm in my head I had just heard this. Yep. Yep. It was the same tone, meter and all around sound of me saying it. I could be sure she had just called me stupid. Ahh yes. It comes back to bite me in the end.

I opened the door and a look of shear Horror was on my little girl's face. Horror. You know that "Oh crap" look. I am sure you made it with your mom too. Maybe a different scenario but we all know the feeling. "SORRY!!!!" "Sorry!" she bellowed.

Now really I couldn't blame her. I mean the word was reinforced by all of the Pixar films we have floating around but really she got it from me. Me. The Stupid mom.

She isn't calling me Stupid anymore though. I handled it the scary way. With calm and cool. That always worked better when my mom scared me by doing less than what I expected in cases of such severity lol.

My monkey. Probably the first in many many times she will call me stupid. Probably not until she has at least 8 years on her though. Maybe. Little stinker called me stupid lol. She still thinks if the door is closed you can't hear her. lol Stinker.

Good Morning Class

Do you know what day it is class? Its "clean up before Daddy gets home" day! Better known as Friday now. I need to download "Flight of the Bumblebee" for my day today I think. Or bulk up on more coffee.

When I asked Ella if she would like to be my helper and clean up the toys today she politely responded "Ummm... No. My tummy is rumbly." This is her standard excuse. This is the excuse if she needs to get out of bed for the 879 time at night, this is her excuse if she wants a piece of candy, this is her excuse if she just launched a life sized yak at her brother's watermelon noggin. A dramatic "But my TUMMY is RUMBLY!"

Why am I cleaning the house so fervently today you ask? Is it so my husband will come home to a nice clean house? Is it so he wont think/know I have been doing nothing but sitting on my "bummy" pouting since hes been gone? Is it so he will simply bask in my spectaularness as a mother wife and homemaker? (I know stop laughing those of you who know me. mom hush) No. None of those. I am just so stinking happy he is coming home (wait for it... wait for it....) I actually WANT to clean!

Now granted. It is 9:04am. I have had no fights with either child, a haven't been bruised or beaten by (tiny) man nor beast, and I have downed one cup of coffee. This may all change once I actually stand up and look around but I am hopeful.

Sidenote: I need a friend who loves me and my kids to come over so I can be productive. Or even go the grocery store every once in a while without the kids. Or maybe even.... A Movie. Still haven't seen the new Chronicles of Narnia. This is one more reason living in the sticks is bad. Look at me drifting off into Neverland... Sorry. Where was I? Cleaning.

Can I take a moment to brag and be obnoxious? This is my new washer. My new energy star, washes the clothes instead of just getting them wet and rolling them around, gets the clothes all clean and happy washing machine. Did I pay full price? No. I still paid a lot but 399.00 as opposed to 899.00 is pretty darn good I think. The novelty hasn't worn off so I have a house full of clean clothes. (Don't imagine they actually made it to drawers or closets yet though.) Do you want to hear the funny part? Alex has been pushing for one for YEARS. lol. I will say I think it will pay for itself quickly because it spins he clothes so much better than the other one that they take no time to dry. Now if we could just have the ones like in the UK where they have one front loader that washes AND drys in the same machine. I just thought that was brilliant.

I must post later on the changes in my house and the piles of debris in my yard. Lots of demolition occurred. Ah yes, the fixer upper..... To be continued. I know, I know, bated breath.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Green Our Vaccines Rally

The three of us set out early Tuesday morning. I was more productive that day before 9:00am than I usually am the whole day. We reached Cristy, my cousin, by about lunch time. After we fit all 4 car seats into my van, situated toys within arms reach for the 'Big Kids" all the way in the back with no adults and packed the back full of much less gear than I anticipated we were on our way. Well, after we stopped to potty and then stopped to pick up swim fins from the dollar store. Then we were on our way. After another potty stop. And another. No I'm just kidding.

There were 2 four year olds, one 16 month old, one five month old and two determined Mommies. All of those kids and can you believe all we had as far as luggage went was two bags (Christies a backpack!), two diaper bags, two strollers, one baby carrier, one cooler and a partridge in a pear tree. I kid you not. Miracle.

The kids did a fabulous job the whole time. The baby even timed her poops to when were stopped. What a good girl. My father lives about the half way point between Cristy's house and D.C. so we stopped and ran the big kids. I mean we ran them. They looked as though they were training for a some kid of short people marathon. Those little arms were moving and those little legs were working. After packing them back in they took short naps and we ran into very little traffic. We checked into our fabulous hotel after a short but scenic drive through Washington D.C. I love D.C. Love. The kids were happy to be in the hotel and they took free reign over the connecting rooms.

The next day we woke up, fed the kids, got to the subway, on and off the subway, to the line up all ON TIME. I was sure we would be totally late just because, well we had 4 kids with us.

So here is my confession. I don't know anyone who suffers from Autism. I don't know any parents who deal with it on an hourly basis. I went because it is important to make sure that every effort is being made to make sure that we understand this issue as much as possible and to assure that we are holding our elected officials and unelected decision makers accountable because these kids do matter.

With my disconnect I did not expect to feel as emotional as I did. I felt very quiet. At one point Jenny McCarthy asked everyone to hold up pictures of those affected by autism. In my hand was a picture of someone who I did not actually know. I found myself imagining how this mother felt when her son stopped connecting with her. When he stopped responding. When he stopped looking into her eyes. Ugg. It was so quiet. It was eerily quiet as the song played. I wish my video was longer but you can get a short sense of the feel.


For some reason my video came out looking old. Actually I kind of like it. I felt like I was walking in the shoes of those who came before me as I was standing at the foot of the Capital Building. I could not help but think of the people who had stood there before me. Those people got things done.

At the end of the rally we were able to take pictures with Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey. That was a nice treat and Jim didn't make any strange noises because of how I smelled. That probably took a lot of effort on his part as I am sure he hugged a lot of people that day who smelled a bit like sour sweaty dirt.

Two kids who also smelled like sweaty dirt.

Were it not for the heat and urgency to get the children from point A to point B I am sure Cristy and I would have taken tons more photos. Alas sweaty, hot, tired, cranky kids don't like to stop in 100 degree weather so mommy can get just the right angle on the pretty architectural details so I had to forgo all the photo ops I was dying to capture.

My selfish reason for going? I felt active in something. Moms you know. Sometimes we feel ineffectual on a larger scale than clean bottoms and fed tummies. I encourage all of you to find what you are passionate about and try to devote some of your time and effort. You know mama bears. Get a pack of them together and who can stand in your way?

Links to participants in the Green Our Vaccines Rally

My Personal Opinion on Vaccines:

My husband's mother died of Tetanus when he was 5. Her doctors were neglectful. She died waiting for care at an over crowded hospital. A simple shot could have saved her life. I am in no way anti vaccines. I do however think that given the combination of environmental, genetic and medical factors we have today we need to stop and reevaluate the situation. All of these elements, not just vaccines, are causing a problem. We need to address all of these issues and evaluate them all both separately and in conjunction with the other elements.

There is something that is amiss. We should not be poking each kid with no regard for how their individual systems might respond. We also need to step back and not take it for granted that medicine is right. Historically medicine hasn't always been right. We need to make our own decisions with the best information we can get because when it comes down to it we are the only ones who live with that later.

On My Own Again

So as some of you know my husband Alex is away at work. Last time this happened he was in southern Florida while I was in NC. Not an easy commute. This time he is in NC only about 3 hours away. Much better. I saw him last weekend so I can not complain. I am trying not to complain. Really. He will most likely be gone a few months.

Want to know some of the good things about having your husband gone? (I am thinking positively here as opposed to listing all the ways I miss him)

  • Less food. Less to cook, less to buy. I am amazed at what we are not consuming. Part of that is that I don't feel pressure to "Cook for my Man." We are eating much more kid food and just consuming lots and lots of fresh fruit. I am also consuming less food just because I don't want to cook for myself lol.
  • I can cook when I want to. Everyone knows that it is better for your body to eat your biggest meal in the middle of the day rather than at night (you do now). I have been doing lunch for dinner and dinner for lunch. I have to admit it just didn't feel right serving my kids PB&J for dinner the first night.
  • I get to watch what I want to watch on TV. I don't have to share the remote!
  • Less laundry.
  • Less dishes.
So how did I do? Do I sound like I don't miss him too much? My sister Lindsey is coming to see me around July 4th and I hope my sister Laura will come see me soon too. Company.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Excuses Excuses

Have you noticed I have been missing? Like about a month? Well I have been. Where have I been you ask? Well no where in particular really.

My computer has decided that it will no longer function on wireless so I am reduced to hiding in a corner of my house to use the internet. A corner far from the action. One would think this would be a quiet respite from the world where someone could gather their thoughts and write witty inspiring blogs that all the world would want to read. "One" is apparently lacking children aren't they? Those of us with children know that when mommy is tucked away in a corner is when all hell breaks loose.

Add the lack of computer mobility onto the fact that my husband is gone working and you have a combination that means all I want to do when they are sleeping is relax. If it can't be done from the comforts of my bed, it isn't happening. I might have to break down and get a new wireless card.

All is well. After an interesting weekend we are getting back into the swing of things. Yesterday I ventured out into the heat to go to the Pediatrician with the kids. I was geared up for a fight with my pediatrician yesterday over me changing the schedule the kids got vaccines on. No such fight occurred. Actually she was quite supportive even though she disagrees with me. Her vantage point is quite different than mine, a good thing, and she encouraged me to do research from a scientific rather than an emotional point of view. She did say she would order me the MMR shot as individual vaccines. That was great as I though I would have to do out of pocket if I decided to do that. Nice. Good visit. I also have a miracle to proclaim from the rooftops!!

My kids hit 50% on the (stupid) weight charts!

Both of them. I had pretty much given up on that ever happening and due to the disappearance of Nate's baby rolls around his thighs I had planned to hear he was back down to like 2% again. Ella was at 25% on height and 50% on weight. Miracle. Now here's the kicker and what surprised me. Nate is at 95% on height(!) and 50% on weight. I guess he is tall. I am 5'3" on a good day. Daddy is huge for his ethnicity. Mexican men aren't exactly known for their imposing stature. He towers over his family at 5'10". Maybe Nate will lean towards Daddy's height.

We also hit the bank, 40 minutes inside, as well as a store so I could use some gift cards that expired today. We are cramming in everything we can into each trip due to the price of gas and the heat that has been harassing us. I am so over summer already and it is still spring. Oh well.

That is the long and short of it. I will try to catch you up more later. I promise. Or at least I promise to try. I have missed you!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Why Yes, I Am A Chapel Hill Mommy Blogger

Funny you should ask! I kept getting hits to this post about how much I love my Chapel Hill Trader Joe's when folks like yourself typed in "Chapel Hill Mommy Blog" Or Chapel Hill Mommy Blogger" so ladies and gentlemen here I am. Thank you Google for the hits but I try to be more significant than groceries - no matter how happy I am to be associated with Trader Joes.

Feel free to click around to the right and look at some past posts. Also click HERE to see what it is I am rambling about today. Could be politics, could be the inner workings of my mind, could be stinky cheese. You just never know.

I am a late twenty something with a four year old daughter who is quite precocious. We also have a son who is not quite 18 months. He is all boy and I am becoming quickly aware that all those differences in men and women - they exhibit themselves quite early. I teach at a local preschool and I am generally just trying to figure out how to make it all happen. I started this blog to connect to the outside world - you know - the world that revolves around more than nap time, potty training and "How many times do I have to tell you No you can't stick that in there!".

Have fun and let me know what you think! Comment away!