Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sunset Beach - NC's Best Kiddie Pool

We discovered a great beach for small children today while out adventuring. I highly recommend it for anyone with small children who like the ocean but not the waves. Sunset Beach, one of the Brunswick Islands on NC southern tip, is a small residential island. I love that because it was all families and older couples. Nice and slow. Perfect for little ones.

We discovered a nice sized tide pool at the northern end of the island - near the 39th street beach access for anyone looking. The tide pool was about 2.5 feet deep at high tide. It was the perfect depth for "swimming" without waves toppling over the four year old's head. Just on the other side of this 30x20ft shallow was the ocean with all the waves you could ask for for older siblings. You could tell this was a favorite place for parents of preschoolers as there was no shortage of munchkins for Ella to play with but not so many that I felt I had stumbled into a Gymboree class instead of onto a peaceful beach.

(Ella swimming on the right with a beach buddy)
(Notice the waves breaking behind her - not on her)

I would recommend bringing a small fish net to try to catch some of the little fish that hang out there. Yes, lots of little fish swimming through your toes. Very fun for the little ones, a little weird for me until I got accustomed to it. The kids were quite enthralled and busily scooping and building "natural habitats" for the fish they managed to catch. A good science lesson!

You could also easily take the Southport Ferry (Ella loves the ferry) to the NC aquarium at Ft. Fisher (Free under 5) for a great day trip. You know - if lounging on the beach all day isn't your thing.

Sorry - not many pictures this time. Too busy hanging out. Cheers!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Nice Evening Splash

We decided to head down to the beach for a good splash after dinner. I missed sunset photo opportunities so I will have to try again another night. Poor me. I will have to go down to the beach again. Sorry. I will shut up now.

Well, we headed down there to just walk on the beach.

Ella decided we needed to splash. Who can blame her right? I mean she is four and there is this big ocean just waiting to be played in - calling to her - "Ella, just your toes. Come on. Do it." "Ella, just your legs. Do it!" "Come on Ella, fling yourself down in your best Ariel on the rocks position! GET WET GIRL!" It was funny and a long cry from the days she wouldn't get her tootsies wet.

Like Nate who cautiously dipped his toes in only to decide that since he can not control when and where the waves would splash they simply deserved to have sand thrown at them. There take that water. Sand in your eye. So a wave took him down while daddy was slacking off. Then he was wet too. So he threw a seashell this time.

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Quincinera Princess

My God Daughter Maria had her quincinera party this weekend. This is similar to a sweet sixteen party, bat mitzvah or a debutante ball in US terms. It was my first and it was all very interesting. She had a great time.

These seven attendants were her Chambelanes. Seven Attendants!

The eight of them worked for months every Saturday on about 8 dance numbers that they performed. It was very cool to watch.

There were also dances with the men in her life including her Great Grandfather.

And her God Father - AKA my cutie pie.

Girl had a seven tier cake including a waterfall. Yes I said waterfall. As in, working waterfall. Which, following tradition, she is to take a bite of.
Her Chambelanes promptly smashed her into it. Sweet.

I think they had a good time.

Happy Birthday sweetie. I can't believe your 15 already!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Day at the Park

In honor of the fact that it was less than a billion degrees with 120% humidity, yesterday we went to the park and explored. The park has an old farmstead with fabulous old oak trees, 200 year old farm buildings and animal poop. Kids love animal poop.

We discovered the old dam - notice there is no water falling. Drought.

Josephine the Mule. (The goats, sheep & cows were on break)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Randy Pausch - The Last Lecture - Passes Away

Last lecture professor dies. I was hoping I would never see those words.

If you have never watched him. Please do yourself a favor. Do so.
The Last Lecture.

Please pray for his family including a wife and three young children and also his friends. He touched people worldwide and his legacy will certainly live on.


Alex just got a call from the Town of Chapel Hill to set up an interview for a position he applied for a couple weeks ago. Please pray about that. It would be great pay and fabulous benefits. I would think it would be a good working environment for him as well. Aghhh I get so antsy about stuff like this. Aug 6th is when they are interviewing. AGGGHHHH

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ohhh, The Sweetest Thing

Alex has always had the ability to say the right thing. Not every time of course. He is a man after all and I have not yet figured out how to get him to "understand" me all the time (read my mind when I say I am fine) but he constantly amazes me with his ability to say just what I need to hear.

He said I love you first and he didn't require me to be able to say it back yet. He loved me when I needed it. He astounds me.

We have been apart 7 weeks now. Wow. Alex commutes home on the weekend and while I would not trade that for all the baby kisses or dark chocolate in the world, sometimes it just seems like a tease. 48 hours go quickly and there never seems to be enough time with all the "weekend" stuff to do.

Then there are also the times where I hate to hear how he is playing football (soccer) on the beach with the guys or fishing or pretty much anything except wasting away longing for the moment he will see me again (not that I would tolerate that). I am sure he loves and hates hearing about the funny little things Nate did or the new dramatic presentation Ella put on. It is hard being apart and I know I have the cuter end of the deal. I have seen the guys hes working with.

It seems like it is getting harder because there is no end in sight yet. I thought it would be by now. Then Thursdays are hard because Friday night around 11pm seems soooo close. Ughh. H pulled a classic Alex tonight and said that right thing. He said "I've been working for Friday since Monday baby". I know I know. Kind of sounds like a movie line but I so needed that. I needed to know he was missing me too. I think I will keep him. Even if I do have to store him in Wilmington for a while.

I love you baby and I am glad we still like each other after eight years together. I am blessed beyond measure. Don't worry. I will make sure Nate saves a poopy diaper for you so you don't feel left out. Afterall, nothing says I love you like a poopy diaper. (just in case you were about to gag from the cutsie romance junk)

Ahhh Yes, It Has A Remote

I think my husband will approve. It even came with a remote. I didn't even know they had remotes for laptops! haha

I got a new toy yesterday. A new HP Laptop. It is long overdue and I feel good about the deal and the laptop I picked. The process involved me doing a lot of research and then visiting the big box store several times. Three just yesterday. Keep in mind I was doing that with the kiddos in tow. A little background info: I was considering a fancier top of the line model for longevity's sake. We get to the Best Buy, the third store that day in order to find the one I wanted and then make sure I had done all my comparisons, and then I hear Ella singing a song in the back seat.

I hear it and it begins to register what she is singing. As it sinks in I am laughing my butt off. She is singing the "Stuff Mart" song from the Veggie Tales movie "Madame Blueberry, A Lesson in Thankfulness". No she didn't haha. "It's STUFFFF mart. We've got a lot of really nice STUFFF!" she sings to herself.

My four year old was there to remind me of the oh so common rampant consumerism we gloss over in the US. Thanks babe. If I needed any more indication I did not need the fancy one, it was my kid in any way associating me with Madame Blueberry!!! How funny. She was very aware of how much "stuff" we had been inundated with that day. I am very proud of her for being perceptive enough to notice it. I hope she always keeps that up. It will keep her out of some significant debt!

Funny kid.

Potty Time (To the Tune of Hammer Time)

I can not believe I am putting this in writing but I think Nate, my not quite 18 month old, is asking to go potty. Now my daughter I didn't really start until she was a little less than 3 just because she had little interest and I was having a baby about then so I am sure she would have regressed anyways. She was ready and picked up it quickly so training was little drama or hassle.

Nate has gone to the bog potty twice in the last 24 hours and said poo poo. Hum.... I guess I will be crawling into the attic to introduce the potty into the environment here later today. Interesting! We will see what he thinks when I get it out. I won't get my hopes up but that would be kind of cool huh?

Hey moms of boys - any tips on training boys? Anything surprise you that I should know??

Help a girl out and I will give you my greatest little girl area tip.... Chewable Acidophilus Tablets! They are great for keeping their little girl parts free of anything - well - not fun. Ella has a big problem with yeast infections and these keep them GONE. The best part? She loves these strawberry flavored treats - they might as well be candy.

So anything I should know?? I know something surprised you.

I just realized. I need to find the little pee pee guard to keep him from squirting around huh? Hopefully it is in the potty in the attic. Not likely, but hopefully!

Monday, July 21, 2008

I Love This Song

"My brokenness helped me to see, It's Grace I'm standing on"

Natalie Grant - I Will Not Be Moved
From the album Relentless

I have been the wayward child
I have acted out
I have questioned Sovereignty
And had my share of doubt
And though sometimes my prayers feel like
They're bouncing off the sky
The hand I hold won't let me go
And is the reason why...

I will stumble
I will fall down
But I will not be moved
I will make mistakes
I will face heartache
But I will not be moved
On Christ the Solid Rock I stand
All other ground is sinking sand
I will not be moved

Bitterness has plagued my heart
Many times before
My life has been like broken glass
And I have kept the score
Of all my shattered dreams and though it seemed
That I was far too gone
My brokenness helped me to see
It's grace I'm standing on


And the chaos in my life
Has been a badge I've worn
Though I have been torn
I will not be moved


Label: Curb Records

Of No Consequence

I feel like I have been posting nothing lately that has really shown what is going on in my head. You may all be thankful. I try though, to make this blog show how there is still life going on upstairs. I try to make it more than cute babies and pretty pictures and lately that is all there is.

Tell you the truth? Getting it out and onto the computer lately has been a chore not a release. Sorry. I have been extra muddled so making it comprehendable has been tough.

One of the things lately? I attended a conference on Saturday for some preschool training. I had a fabulous time but something caught me off guard. You see I was in a traditional Baptist Church. Visualize with me. High ceilings with chandeliers, a dunking booth up front (baptismal pool), large high stained glass windows, the choir loft, the chairs where the pastors sit, the pulpit, and then there were the pews. The pews in front contained the ever present yellowing bibles and Hymnals, the tiny pencils and of course the tithing envelopes. I was overcome with an uncomfortable feeling I had not expected. Heebie Jeebies is the word that comes to mind.

Don't ask me why. It might take a lifetime to figure that out.

You see, I go to church. I love my church and it's very biblical philosophy. The reaction was not stemmed from some pent-up fear of stepping in "a church". I think it was more from a pent up fear of "The Church".

While I was there I also found myself smack dab in the middle of a NC Baptist State Convention meeting. How that happened I am not sure but I would have gotten some coffee and a breakfast sandwich from somewhere to calm the beast within (my stomach) if I had known I could have missed that part.

I am trying to figure out what it is that induced that feeling so I can address it. I will say that the church I was in Saturday could have been super-imposed over a picture of the church I attended from the age of about 14 to 20.

This was my church home for those years, years where I took my first steps, my first stumbles, fell on my face a few times, got back up, fell down again and so on. It was where I discovered my love for serving others and meeting their physical needs (my definition of missions), where I was "Saved" (I sort of snicker, OK really, at this use of the word in my case because I so wasn't "saved" from myself). Saved is such a Baptist word. I had many good memories within those beige walls. It was not until later that I started to discover my own shortcomings within those walls and within my own walk.

It makes me all the more grateful for the church home I have now. A place you will find few of the descriptives mentioned above. Actually, only one. High ceilings.

Thank you Sunrise.

(even though you seriously need to keep the webpage updated because we aren't doing "Voices" anymore. hint. hint. and where are my podcasts you big slacker. not so subtle hint. haha - Just Kidding! sort of. love you Rod!)

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Beach and Back

So one benefit of having Alex out of town this time is that this time he is close enough to come home on weekends. This time though, we went to the beach to see him. We stayed in the Apt the company has for him which happened to be void of other men for the time being, unusual as he is sharing it. We had a great time and my family also happened to be there at the same time! I can not remember the last tie my family went to the beach in the summer together. We usually avoid it at peak season. A great time was had by all and I did some exploring on my own (with the kids) on the days Alex worked and my parents had left.

I promise more later but I am off to VA to see another sister Laura off soon! Must gather the masses and all the paraphernalia!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Playing Around!


I have been playing around with blog design! How fun. Email me if your interested in seeing what we can come up with if you need a blog makeover!

Small Panic Attack

Ladies and gentlemen I am having a small panic attack right now. I went and bid on Rachel's camera (well not hers but the same kind) on eBay yesterday after wanting to take out my frustrations on my little camera trying to fight with the Sparklers and other shots I couldn't get like I wanted yesterday.


So the price I entered as my top bid was 559.00. A good price for everything. If I am wrong don't tell me in case I get stuck with this lol.

I would KILL my husband if he spent this kind of money on .... anything without consulting me first. He is more gracious than I am but still. I really am praying in the next 54 minutes that I am OUTBID!! I need a new computer first if I am shelling out that kind of money. Silly silly girl. Never bid angry!

UPDATE: Pheww after hours and hours with no bids I was JUST OUTBID!! Yay. Thank you d***3 - I was hoping you would come back and bid again. Happy shooting!

***Updated UPDATE: It sold for only $569.00 - one bid more than mine. But I am good!