Friday, July 31, 2009

Computer Free Productivity & Bedroom Bliss

haha. That rhymes.

Yesterday I had a self imposed computer free day of cleaning. My bedroom looks SO MUCH BETTER.

I think my bedroom needs a makeover. When Alex and I got married I looked long and hard for a bedroom comforter set that was both masculine and pretty. I ended up with one I liked that I spent probably too much money for but it has a very limiting color scheme. The end result was something less than lovely and romantic. I mean, it is nice and I like it but it isn't something I would pick for me.

I have since discovered something in my eight years of marriage..... ALEX DOES NOT CARE! I need not be so concerned with his personal sense of style because like a good husband (in this area), if I am happy, he is happy! I am in no way a girly girl so I wouldn't decorate with pink and roses and bows. Not my style. That is pretty much all he would abhor, pink girly bows. I love that in the house, I can decorate any way I see fit and he genuinely likes it.

This puts me in the clear to decorate my bedroom however I really please because the reality of the whole thing is Alex will only notice the bedroom ambiance if there is a bad smell or I am standing in the middle of it naked. Otherwise, he has a pillow, he is good!

So wooo hooo!! I think I need a new look! Picasso's Nude above will stay in the room and I am thinking minimalism. I am thinking a simple yet dramatic floral accent. I am thinking blues. I will be playing around with for some inspiration on colors. That is a fun place to play by the way... Also checking here for textiles.... IKEA.

Inspiration in the bedroom.... now I think that is something Alex will also be willing to get into!

What about you? Is the bedroom less than inspirational at this point? Got the kid's rooms all done but totally neglected your retreat? Does your retreat make you want to turn off the lights so you can have a little romance or turn them off so you don't see the diapers and the boring white walls?


Melanie said...

I am all about our room being a retreat. Unfortunately I dont' have a third room, so Joseph's desk is in there because he can study there without listening to Dylan yell.

I stick with black and white in my bedroom. I find it calming and can even use shades of silver and grey when the mood strikes for sheets and other accents.

I have these great prints of the NYC city skyline, and my room really is my sanctuary.

It is completely possible to give your bedroom a great makeover for less than $500. The key I found was to invest in a great down comforter, that way I can switch out the comforter covers as the mood strikes!!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Well, I can't escape the boring white walls but thanks to the military, every couple of years I can change things up a bit.

Daniel actually cares a bit about the amount of femininity. I try and choose to please him without going too far in one direction.

I think your ideas for your make-over sounds great!