Friday, July 17, 2009

Dear Husbands of the World,

Dear Husbands of the World,

Apparently we have been far too convincing in one not so small area. See, for centuries women across the world have been attempting to fool one specific sect of individuals, children. We have been trying to convince them that we are indeed all knowing, all seeing, semi-omniscient beings. (This does not apply to math homework - who remembers that stuff anyways?) We see all wrong doing, sense all gum thieving, hear all make-up bags being unzipped and in general can just sense when trouble is afoot.

There seems to have been a miscalculation in how effectively this farce was carried out. I would like to rectify something for all you men folk that is no doubt an ill after effect of how well your own mother, grandmothers, school teachers or maybe that creepy lady with that mole hair at the gas station who caught you stealing that gum convinced you of.

WE CAN NOT READ YOUR EVER LOVIN MIND!!! You do occasionally need to clue us in to what is going on up there! You know, so you don't get in trouble. I know, it seems counter intuitive.

Just don't tell the kids.

Thank you,

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Melanie said...

lol! Hopefully, Alex reads your blog. ;)