Thursday, July 02, 2009

Suffering for My Art

When we went to the beach two weeks ago I saw a field of sunflowers growing at the Ft Fisher Ferry port. I also saw gigantic huge bloodthirsty horseflies buzzing around all over the place. I didn’t go get the photos and I regretted it. I beat myself up a little every time I don’t stop for a shot I know I want. I am currently training myself to stop no matter what.

My family has laughed at me for a very very long time about getting in weird positions, climbing into areas I shouldn’t be in and injuring myself for a photo. I am sure none of them would be surprised if I die in some freakish photography incident. I would be very proud to go out that way, I think.

When Alex & I went to the beach this past weekend we were just doing what we wanted, no kids determining the schedule. So if I wanted to tromp around with sandals on in a sandy field of flowers with blood sucking insects, by golly I was going to do it! So I did.

I very quickly went over to said field, literally danced around in a sandy field with sandals on trying to fend off mosquitoes and giant horseflies. I am sure all the cars waiting to board the ferry got a rather amusing show as I crouched, kicked, flailed, dodged and otherwise made a fool of myself for the photo. I took 7 frames, probably a record low number for me, and ran.

The icing on the cake was when I held still for a second and felt some searing pain in my ankle. I assumed it was a horsefly and smacked at the spot full force. Turns out it was 3 sand spurs that became embedded in my hand and ankle with the force of the smack. It is still swollen and itchy.

7 mosquito bites, one horsefly bite to the forehead, and about 15 puncture wounds later I had these to show for it. I like them. So happy I got a second chance at a missed opportunity. One is not usually so fortunate.

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Melanie said...

These are so fun. I know what you mean about sometimes wanting second chances- does make us more brave, eventually, though. ;)

I've started carrying a little point and shoot in my pocket all the time, just in case I see something that inspires me, so I can go back and shoot it with my big camera later. It's a tip I read and I really have been benefiting from it!

Love the photos, as always. I just adore your creativity! You really do think outside the box.