Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Miss Ella

I miss Ella. Those are the three words Nate said as we left Ella in Kindergarten for the very first day today.


Yesterday was just a meet and greet type thing. Today was the big kahuna, the giant enchilada, the full monty, the day she finally got to take that Tinkerbell lunchbox! 8:00am - 2:45pm. Today she was also completely oblivious to my presence once we opened those school doors. She really is good to go. She knew where her class was, went and put away her backpack, sat down at her desk and got to work on a puzzle waiting for her. I might get in trouble for picking having the gall, the nerve to pick her up today, we shall see. I did manage to get a little squeeze from her before I left but I was happy she was oblivious, she is confidant and ready to grow.


Then I walked out the door with my sons small two year old hand in mine. I got misty and was very thankful for that little hand in mine. At least he still loves me!!! Just kidding. I was very thankful for Nate as a distraction, I think otherwise I would have cried. I was just so excited for her, she looked so purposeful, intent on absorbing and having fun and making friends. She looked very contented.


As I drove away from school I prayed for her, her teachers, the new friends she would make and the staff. I teared up again as I prayed for my girl and asked for God to watch over her and help her grow.


Nate and I went to the park and had some fun. Want to see what we did? Okay.

We went to go see Josephine.. she is our favorite mule.


Nate told daddy that Mommy was okay. He called to check.


We did some airplane spotting.


Some toad catching….


and more toad catching. This might need to be a normal occurrence.




I miss Ella too little dude but I sure am glad we get to play, just you and me. Until 2:30, then we get to assault Ella with hugs and hear all about how awesome her day was!

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Melanie said...

That is tooooo cute!