Monday, August 10, 2009

Today You Became Old. An Old Old Kindergartner.

Today Ella, you became old. You boldly went out into the world, struck a pose and said bring it on! You confidently marched into your Kindergarten class, introduced yourself to your teachers with an inquisitive smile, had no problems playing with the guys in class and just in general made me proud. You carried yourself with your head held high and made me remember how much fun it was to be five and on your way to being "Big". I had fun today too!

Today was one large step toward you being an adult, functioning in society knowing who you are and making decisions based upon a foundation your family helped build but blazing your own path all the way. I was proud of not only you, but the people who love you who helped to shape you into such a confidant sweet young woman. You are a young woman, I saw it today. You are a very young woman but I see her inside you already. I know soon enough I will be looking you over in a cap and gown and thinking back on today talking about how it seemed just yesterday I was dropping you off for Kindergarten. I can not wait to see more, and at the same time I can wait. I will enjoy hugging you tight tonight. I am overjoyed you are so empowered but it is a little hard for a mommy's heart to see this sight....

You see, it really does seem like not so long ago you and I were beginning our bond with each other. Today I felt so proud to call you mine. You rock Gabriella. No really, you do. I am so very thankful God gave you to us, you truly are my favorite girl in the whole world!

You and I had another special bond today didn't we? You really were so cute in that dress, even the big girls thought so. The 11th graders were complementing your style today. You were sporting the Vintage Mommy again today. Gran saved that dress, unbeknown to me, the dress I wore to my first day of Kindergarten. You were also so cool in your new shoes. I was going to have you wear shoes that... you know, matched your outfit, but I thought what the heck. Matching is for people with no sense of personal style right? You loved the dress and you loved the shoes so I loved the combination.

I remember staring around in wonder at my new classroom's surroundings when I started kindergarten with that same look you had today. I am so glad you are excited sweetie. I am too! Daddy, however, is a little dumbfounded I think. By the way I saw him eying some of your classmates, specifically all the boys that were there but I will keep an eye on him so he doesn't pull any weird "Major Payne" type dad stuff. He worries that you fit in so well with them even with the dresses and "Hello Kitty". I expect tomorrow one specific boy will be thinking of you a lot. Nate will be more than a little lost with no Ella but don't worry, I will not let him in your room while you are gone. This is his time to become as confidant and self reliant as you proved to be today.

(Third boy from the left is the small brother very much wishing he was 5 already)

Ella may I just make one request of you when you go back tomorrow and pretty much every school day until the end of time.... when it comes time to share with the class do not mention things like this. I don't think I have bestowed the gift of subtlety on you yet.

You just love a dress that twirls (so do I!)

Well done, Ella! Well done!
Here is to another 12 years of waking up way earlier than you want sweetie!

(p.s. we need to discuss this whole sleeping in when your supposed to go to school and waking at the butt crack of dawn when you can actually sleep in thing okay?)


Anonymous said...

I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes, so HAPPY for little Ella, but wondering how time moves so quickly! I know how quickly it went with Stefan and Laura, and it is SO TRUE that she will be in a cap and gown BEFORE YOU KNOW IT! Hold on to every special moment, and cherish them!!! It is my prayer that Ella will shine in all that she does, especially in her walk with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! If she holds on to HIM, and follows his lead in her life, she will be so overwhelmed with all HE has in store for her life! I'm so proud of you Ella, and love you very much! Love, Grammy Tina

Nocturnal Queen said...

I cried when my daughter went to Kindergarten. I managed to hold the tears back when I walked her to class, as I stood there talking to her teacher and as I took one last look at her before leaving. But once I got to my car, the tears flowed.

I didn't cry over my son starting Kindergarten (he's my oldest), I don't know why. But I did worry about him. He was little for his age (still is) and just wanted to be everyone's friend. But I know how kids can be. Some don't want to be your friend no matter how nice you are. He'll be starting middle school in a couple weeks and, as always, I worry.

Anyway, very cute dress on Ella. :-) I wish her all the best.

Lindsey said...

you made me cry.

apparently, everyone else too.

well done.

also - sweet outfit.