Thursday, October 15, 2009

(Over) Exposed on the Beach

I have been experimenting a lot with my photography lately. Some of it has been a complete fail but good experience. I have decided I need a graduated filter for some of the stuff I like to shoot and some of it I need Photoshop so I can merge several exposures into one photo using HDR so that is productive right?

Beach 228

That one is straight out of the camera. It was that pretty. The 50mm lens isn’t nearly wide enough of an angle though. I still love it but I will be renting a 10-22mm lens for a beach project I have over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Beach 184_edited-1
We took off for the beach for the day last Saturday. I love when Alex is all "wanna go to the b.e.a.c.h.?" We spell a lot you know, to mess with the kid's heads. And so Alex can learn how to spell in English since it is his second language. And so I can learn how to spell in English, since I can't spell to save my life and I am supposed to teach my kid how to read now. Someday when Ella can read I will go through all my blog posts and edit all the sentences that start with “And” because that is a no no, right along side interchanging there, they’re and their. You know, so she can’t accuse me of bad grammar.

Random Aside: It is incredibly annoying trying to teach a five year old how to sound out words when there are about 9 million sounds an A can possibly make in the English language.

So we went to the beach. I did not have hurricane force winds this time so I got to take some photos! Woo hoo! Most of them are overexposed but I like it. It is where I am. I wanted to see their (correct usage of their) eyes so overexposed in that sunlight was the way to go. Beach 236Nice hair. I see your mother doesn’t want to cut your hair. As usual.Beach 194_edited-1

Okay so I like the exposure on this one pretty well but you see her arm on the right? See that blue line tracing her arm? WHY?Beach 027Beach 258That is Nate focused on getting away from that wave quickly.Beach 299_edited-1 Beach 311_edited-1 Beach 332This one is cute. I took him home with me.

Daddy always builds a big pool for the kids when we go to the beach. He is awesome. Nate prefers his dugout pool to the waves anytime.Beach 267_edited-1Beach 177Ella loves the waves now and has a ball with it. Sand in every single place possible. I didn’t post the ones of her picking her sand wedgie.Beach 115 Beach 122 Beach 138 Beach 155

Beach 289She kind of reminds me of Ophelia in this one - except less dead and more relaxing in the sun.  Beach 205Beach 186_edited-1 Beach 234 Beach 356_edited-1Beach 365

Have a nice day!

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Melanie said...

I love these sosososo much. Where do you guys go for Thanksgiving? I was thinking that I might go out that way for a few days over Thanksgiving.