Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Number Three

076 I really can not believe this little man was born two months ago. I still feel like I should be debating the validity of my pregnant fears with my best friend via computer. “Nooo, you can’t be pregnant! Your boobs don’t hurt!” How many weeks did we do that while I peed on a stick urgently hoping it did NOT say pregnant?

Three was not in my plan. Three had never even really been something I had considered. It was always going to be two. I only have two arms after all. Three is completely out numbered. Last Thanksgiving I made Alex take me to the drugstore on the island we were staying on at the beach for yet another pregnancy test. It was the last one I was going to take. We were thankful for something else that day and I was wishing it wouldn’t be detrimental to have that glass of wine I had been planning on. This was crazy.

That was then. I am pretty sure gestation is nine months so you can get used to the idea of possessing and caring for a baby. The third was more shocking than the first in many ways.

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Now that we have him I am completely in love and it just seems so obvious that he should be here. How could we not have known that he was missing from our family? He is the perfect fit!

My Grandmother Joanne sent me this card after he was born and it explains perfectly…

One of the sweetest things about welcoming a new baby boy is learning how you fit together.. The way his sleepy weight fills your arms so perfectly and how that place where neck and shoulder meet suddenly seems made for him to snuggle his head into. But even more than that, it’s discovering just how beautifully he fits into your life – how there was always a place right in the heart of your family just waiting for this precious boy to come and fill it with so much love.

Pretty good for a card huh? Thanks Hallmark.

We just didn’t know yet that he was missing and now that he is here I can’t figure out how it ever could worked without Eli in our lives.

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Jennifer Andersen Photography said...

I remember all those coversations. Do they hurt today?? Theres no way you are!! "Just wait a few more days" hahahahha. Now you have a beautfiul baby!!