Monday, November 01, 2010

I’ve Already Got Dat One!


My sweet husband was such a fun Dad this weekend. He nicely encouraged me to do Halloween this year and was able to convince me it wasn’t worth my anxiety. I don’t know why but this weekend was kind of nerve wrecking for me. I think it has a lot to do with my perfectionist expectations and time deadlines. Despite me and my nerves we had a fun time. The kids got a nice amount of candy. Not too much, not too little. They looked cute, had fun and managed not to get freaked out by the big kids.

(Also, the big kids… Did anyone else notice an abundance of scantily clad young “ladies” this year? like 14 and 15! Eeeeek!! Alex and I kept looking at each other and thinking “over my dead body” type thoughts.)

We went trick or treating with a huge group of friends from church. Very fun. Great neighborhood. 

Nate was very, very funny this year. He was very specific about what he did and did not want to get. If he already had one of what they were offering he would matter of factly tell them, “I already got dat.” and would make it obvious that the appropriate thing for them to do would be to lower their offerings and just let him choose one. Not 14, just one. One not already in his tool box. We wouldn’t want any repeats now would we? Funny kid! I started to explain trick or treat etiquette to him but really, it was very amusing.


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Lindsey said...

however incredibly adorable your family is... i am upset you didn't dress up too. we will have to remedy this next year. i don't care what you have to say about it.

also, good that you have a man that knows what he wants. :) admirable.