Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Spot The Melts My Heart. Even When I Want to Destroy Him.

We have been having our disagreements lately but we haven’t destroyed each other yet! See that little dimple on the right side of his smile? (your left) I love that little dimple. I hope that dimple never gets lost on his face or runs away. I might not see it much when he is a teenager so I might crawl in there and live in it for a while before then. Love. That. Dimple.



Mohamed said...

Really nice picture:)
Cute kid with a cute smile.

Lucy said...

He's so cute. Love his big smile!

Did you take this beautiful photo with a point-and-shoot camera? I've read on iheartfaces that you take amazing pictures with a simple point-and-shoot. How do you make the background blurry with this kind of cam? Your photos are beautiful!

Charmante said...

He's beautiful.