Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Throne Room!

So I have a “fixer upper” to say the least. Our home maintains much of the “vintage” stylings of a typical 1960 ranch home. This includes but is not limited to faux vinyl brick pattern flooring and knotty yellow pine paneling. Fortunately for my house, budget and husband I can overlook some of it in order to do renovations in the appropriate way. While it would be lovely to gut everything and fix it all at once it would only be accomplished by financing it and we are not paying interest. We are smarter than that. Now.

When you first tour a house you are considering buying it is inevitable you will look around and make a list of things that will surely be the “first thing to go!”. In reality, this never ever happens unless it is some sort of health or safety concern.

Enter my toilet. Or rather my OLD toilet.

I will say that the people who lived here before us, well, they painted the toilet. Huh? I hear ya. I said it. Painted the toilet.

No no, not the outside of it. That might make some, if greatly limited, sense. No. Someone got the brilliant idea to paint the inside of the toilet BOWL.

Idiots. Total nutters.

I have been living with this toilet for much longer than I would like to admit but it was neither a health nor a safety concern so much to my chagrin it was pushed back on the priority list. Again and again. And again again.

This past weekend I found a wonderful brand new, never been pooped in, peed in, or had it’s bowl’s interior painted with latex paint to distract but not cover stains - toilet. I went to this estate sale (which was a-ma-zing) looking for tile for my bathroom they had advertised. I came away with a new, more contemporary, super water saver toilet! With a button. I know, it is the little things, like button flushers and non interior latex paint coated bowls. Best of all, it was only 50 dollars. Well, it was 65 but I negotiated a little off.

My Christmas present from last year was supposed to be a new toilet so I didn’t have to use hydrochloric acid to clean my can anymore. It didn’t quite happen because I just couldn’t justify it when we needed to drywall exposed studs or fix a car or whatever. Soooo! Merry Christmas to me!! I love my new potty!

It even has one of those silent closing lids. And did I mention, no latex paint!

I think the next thing might be to tackle ripping down the knotty pine paneling and brightening up the house. I do so love demolition!


Keri said...

hahaha! I love it!!! You are my kind of girl. It's awesome you are not falling into the money pit like so many others who venture to remodel.

Nocturnal Queen said...

Congratulations on the new toilet! :-) And best of luck with all future renovations.

Jennifer Andersen Photography said...

Look at you getting all fancy with your toilet!haha